New generation of Genie telescopic booms helps rental customers mix their fleets to match the right machine to the job.

S® telescopic boom lifts is now available globally and available for delivery to the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia region (EMEAR) starting June 2020. Right-sized for completing work-at-height applications, such as general construction, maintenance, inspection and painting tasks, the new Genie S-60 J telescopic boom offers the essential performance that operators need to get work done at height using a jibbed boom with a leading unrestricted platform capacity of 300 kg (660 lb), an 1.8 m (6-ft) jib, a low 7,550 kg (16,650 lb) operating weight, and compact chassis design offering a working height of 20.5 m (66 ft 10 in) a horizontal reach of 12.3 m (40 ft 6 in) and 56.4 cm (1 ft 10 in) of ground clearance to clear obstacles.
“This new addition to the Genie boom line offers rental companies the opportunity to increase their rental return on invested capital (rROIC) by mixing their fleets with a variety of Genie booms, matching the right boom according to jobsite needs,” says Sean Larin, Genie Product Manager, Terex AWP. “Within a rental fleet, the Genie S-60 J model complements the popular heavy-lifting Genie S-65 XCTM (Xtra CapacityTM) model, which is well-suited for heavy trades work, such as commercial construction, structural, electrical and plumbing, as well as specialty applications.”
According to Larin, Genie S-60 J man lifts are ideal for completing work-at-height jobs, such as:
• General construction
• Maintenance
• Inspections
• Painting
And, Genie S-65 XC work lifts are well suited for performing heavy trades work, such as: • Commercial and industrial construction
• Structural, electrical and plumbing
• Specialty applications

According to Larin, the new Genie S-60 J boom is equipped with everything operators need, including a standard 1.8 m (6 ft) jib and unrestricted platform capacity of 300 kg (660 lb), allowing for two occupants plus tools. The Genie S-60 J model offers a platform height of 18.5 m (60 ft 10 in) and a horizontal reach of 12.3 m (40 ft 6 in), providing access where it’s needed — at the top of the boom’s working envelope.
“With class leading abilities and lift capacity, this new generation of Genie J telescopic booms ticks all the right boxes as an efficient and profitable rental solution to get work done at height,” says Larin.
Powered to perform, the Genie S-60 J boom comes standard with Genie patented active oscillating axles, rough-terrain, foam-filled tyres and a 17.8 kW (24-hp) Kubota D1105 diesel engine (Stage V compliant) that, due to the unit‘s low weight, delivers the power required to handle a broad field of general applications.* This engine model offers easy operation with no advanced emissions controls, as well as simple maintenance in the shop due to the boom’s rental-focused design.
*Rental companies have the option to purchase this machine with a 36.5 kW (49-hp) Kubota D1803 turbo diesel engine (Stage V compliant) and non-marking, rough-terrain, foam-filled tires.
“And, its compact, low-weight design 7,550 kg (16,650 lb) keeps ground pressure low when operators are working on more sensitive ground conditions,” says Larin. “Additionally, thanks to its low weight and compact size, rental companies can fit two units on one equipment truck, reducing transport costs and increasing rROIC. With 56.4 cm (1 ft 10 in) of ground clearance, the Genie S-60 J boom also clears rocks, curbs, trailer break-overs and other obstacles easily.”


Global Productivity
The new Genie S-60 J telescopic boom is engineered and spec’d to deliver efficient and productive performance adapted to general jobsite requirements. Equipped with Genie digital load sense technology for accurate load weighing and zero-load field calibration, it complies with the overload guidelines in the European EN280, the United States ANSI A92, the Canadian CSA B354, and the Australian AS 1418.10 standards. Its single-envelope operation provides simple calibration and troubleshooting due to the use of simple and reliable components and sensors. And to meet common jobsite safety requirements, this new model comes standard with the Genie Lift GuardTM Contact Alarm system.

Engineered with a state-of-the-art CAN-based control system, operators will find the control layout on the Genie S-60 J boom to be intuitive and consistent with other Genie booms, making the operation easy and straightforward. The CAN-based control system also allows more data to be remotely monitored, providing detailed machine information through the Genie Lift ConnectTM telematics system and enabling rental companies to maximize utilization, simplify logistics, better plan maintenance and even remotely diagnose issues — reducing the cost of operation and maximizing profits.
Equipped with a digital LCD screen at the ground controls, the Genie S-60 J boom provides real-time data and troubleshooting right on the machine. In addition, this model is compatible with the Genie Tech Pro LinkTM handheld diagnostics tool for greater flexibility during machine updates, calibration and troubleshooting, even from the boom platform with no need for a laptop or any additional accessories.
All common options and accessories for Genie booms are available for use on the new Genie S-60 J model, including:
 The Genie Lift PowerTM 3 kW and 12 kW generator solution
 Genie Lift GuardTM (Fall Arrest Bar, Platform Mesh accessories, Contact Alarm)
 Panel cradle and pipe cradle attachments
 Aircraft protection and hostile environment kits
 Positive air shutdown system

Simple to Maintain
Designed for a low total cost of ownership, the double boom, single envelope mast design on the Genie S-60 J telescopic boom speeds up inspections, maintenance and repairs with fewer overall inspection points and wearable components, reducing costly downtime.
It is also equipped with a 95 l (25-gal) low-volume hydraulic system that saves fluids and reduces downtime time during standard hydraulic system services.
Maximizing rental fleet’ rROIC, the Genie S-60 J boom shares commonality in design, parts and accessories with the other Genie products.

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