– A new Bobcat T76 track loader equipped with a Sand Cleaner attachment has proved to be the winning combination for this famous Sicilian beach –

The Bobcat SC200 Sand Cleaner attachment, mounted on a new Bobcat T76 R-Series compact track loader, has proved to be an unparalleled combination for cleaning one of the most beautiful and widest coasts in Italy: the Sicilian beach of Mondello (PA). Offering 1500 m of very fine white sand, the Mondello beach is a well-known and sought-after destination on the national and international scene.

The very high performance T76 compact track loader, combined with this new Bobcat attachment specifically for beach cleaning, was recently purchased by the Mondello Italo Belgacompany, which has been taking care of the Mondello area for more than a hundred years, helping to preserve the uniqueness and the original splendour of this location.

With the completion of land reclamation operations in the early 1900s, the Mondello Italo Belga company transformed this coastal district into a renowned seaside resort, based around the long white sand beach.

The work on Mondello beach is important to the local economy as it is the only sandy beach in Palermo, a crowded city which is only 11 km away, meaning it is one of the most coveted beaches by Palermo people as well as by tourists from all over the world.

Mondello beach requires state-of-the-art equipment

Dedicated to continuous development of the area, Mondello Italo Belga company also wanted to adapt its equipment to support soil protection.

 “The choice of the Sand Cleaner to protect the beach is linked to the desire to achieve a technological evolution in the equipment,” saysAntonio Gristina, CEO of Mondello Italo Belga company.“The maintenance of Mondello beach never stops. To avoid the creation of dunes and to remove organic debris carried by the wind and tides, maintenance is required throughout the year, before, during and after the seasonal peak. The investment we have made combines the company’s interest in being able to carry out the cleaning work in a more rational and advantageous way, with the environmental and sustainability needs of the area.”

 The decision to purchase the Bobcat Sand Cleaner, despite the fact that the company already had other suitable means to carry out this work, is primarily due to the need to ensure a thorough cleaning of the beach and therefore also of the sea. The machine and attachment are used continuously at the beginning of the season and during the entire summer period, passing on a daily basis between the rows of umbrellas, thanks to the compact dimensions of the T76 loader and its high manoeuvrability.

Mr Genova, responsible for the maintenance of the Mondello beachfor over 50 years now, and therefore an expert in the most suitable means for doing this, was a strong supporter of the purchase of the T76 loader combined with the Bobcat Sand Cleaner. “As soon as we understood the potential of this vehicle in terms of speed of work and saving of resources, we chose to replace our existing machines,” says Mr Genova. “To be fully convinced, we also tested competing proposals. None of them managed to match the performance of the Bobcat solution. It is a true masterpiece to ensure optimal cleaning of a beach 1500 m long and more than 40 m wide. Another important advantage for us is that, thanks to the rubber tracks, the T76 track loader can travel and circle on the road so it does not require dedicated transport on a vehicle from our warehouse to the beach.”

 Bobcat SC200 Sand Cleaner – faster and deeper cleaning

 Capable of covering a large area of 15,000 m² per hour, the Bobcat Sand Cleaner can quickly sift sand and retains even the smallest waste such as cigarette butts, caps, pieces of glass, wood splinters and algae. The waste is accumulated in its integrated 350 l collection bucket, which can be unloaded directly into trucks or bins, thanks to the hydraulic opening system of the bucket and the arms of the compact loader on which the attachment is mounted.

It is a very effective sand cleaning tool with an adjustable depth from 0 to 20 cm, and equipped with interchangeable grids with four mesh sizes (5×5,10×10, 15×15 and 20×20 mm), to collect waste and debris of all sizes.

The Bobcat SC200 Sand Cleaner does not require any maintenance and is extremely easy and quick to mount on the T76 thanks to the Bob-Tach attachment system. Available on all Bobcat compact track and skid-steer loaders, the Bob-Tach system allows them to be quickly and safely combined with all Bobcat attachments, ensuring versatility and efficiency.

Bobcat attachments also have a ‘Plug & Play’ design, a unique technology that allows an exchange of multiple information using a single electrical cable connected to and operated via a panel from the comfort of the cab on the loader. The attachments are equipped with an Attachment Control Device (ACD) that allows them to be immediately recognised by the carrier machine and therefore ensures instant communication with them.

 The R-Series T76 Stage V track loader

 Utilising the qualities of the new T76 as a tool carrier, the Mondello Italo Belga company is able to manage not only the wide beach, but also other aspects of the business. As Antonio Gristina confirms:“The fact that the T76 loader can be used for different needs thanks to the interchange of attachments represents for us an optimization of costs and therefore an important saving. Its strength and operational capabilities allow us to use it to keep the grounds of the properties clean, as well carrying out site works and for lifting and carrying materials. Last but not least, the advanced technology in the Bobcat T76 loader allows us to access Industry 4.0 developments.”

 The T76 R-Series loader, launched in October 2020 as part of the revolutionary Next is Now programme, offers significant advantages compared to the previous generation machines, in terms of productivity, reliability and durability, without neglecting the increased operator comfort of the machine. The loader has been improved with larger track coverage allowing for a smoother ride. The increased stability, coupled with improved hydraulic efficiency, allows for class-leading push and breakout forces and increased lifting capacity. The new cast steel boom construction makes the T76 loader 20% stronger and the increased lift height makes it easier to unload materials into high-sided trucks.

To make the most of the potential of the T76 loader, Mondello Italo Belga company chose to add various options for the machine: for example, the cab has transparent sides, equipped with side protections without mesh to increase visibility; the 7-inch touch screen display, that also shows the view from the rear view camera, provides detailed information on the machine and the associated attachment, and the undercarriage with 5-Linktorsion suspension which reduces vibrations and material loss.

 To watch a video of R-Series Compact Track Loaders in action, please click above

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