24th September 2024
Croke Park, Dublin

Ireland reached a significant milestone in 2023, as its population reached 5.2 million. We have a prime opportunity to seize the potential of this growth as a nation, with the construction sector poised to drive our progress forward.

Yet, these changing dynamics underscore the need for policy initiatives to ensure we can foster sustainable economic prosperity and competitiveness by delivering a built environment to support our evolving nation. The construction industry plays a key role in building this resilience.

We critically need a built environment including roads, transport systems, schools, hospitals and utilities, which in turn will underpin the country’s ability to realise housing targets and climate commitments.

A clear pipeline of work to support investment by the construction industry in the resources needed to deliver infrastructure is essential. The Government’s commitment to investing in the NDP is crucial for providing this certainty to support investment and growth in the sector.

Join us on 24 September 2024 in Croke Park, as we explore the construction industry’s key role in building for a growing nation and how the sector can scale up to drive Ireland’s development.

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