• Continental’s new tool allows for professional tyre monitoring in agricultural, earthmoving and port tyres
• Continental’s radial off-the-road (OTR) tyres are fitted with a Bluetooth-enabled sensor ex-factory, ready for ContiConnect Lite
• Tool supplies data on tyre pressure and temperature for optimised tyre management

Continental has launched a new ContiConnect Lite app, for digital tyre management. ContiConnect Lite creates a bridge between tyre sensors and professional tyre management and offers a free-of-charge gateway to selected ContiConnect features. It can now be used on tyres with an integrated Gen2 sensor. Beginning this year, Continental has been delivering its off-the-road (OTR) radial tyres with a Bluetooth-enabled sensor ex-factory. “Digital tyre management contributes to greater safety, efficiency and sustainability, especially in the areas of earthmoving, agriculture, and at ports”, says Martijn Oosterbaan, Head of Product Management at Continental Specialty Tires. Thanks to a Bluetooth-enabled sensor, the tyre data can be read directly via a smartphone. “This makes access to digital tyre management particularly easy,” says Oosterbaan. In addition to OTR tyres, Continental also offers digital tyre management to its truck tyre customers.

ContiConnect Lite for easy tyre monitoring in Off-the-Road applications

The requirements for specialty tyres are particularly high. They are designed for high-performance vehicles and are used, for example, on loaders, tractors and port and terminal vehicles. ContiConnect Lite helps fleet managers to monitor the condition of their tyres. Oosterbaan: “Our offering is suited to smaller fleet customers, such as those at recycling centers, asphalt mixing plants and container handling facilities.” ContiConnect Lite requires no additional hardware other than the Gen2 tyre sensor and a mobile device. “Drivers or fleet managers simply self-register themselves via a smartphone,” says Oosterbaan. They can then scan the sensor inside the tyre via Bluetooth and access a limited version of the ContiConnect App. In total, three users can be registered free of charge. If there is a change in tyre pressure or temperature, drivers are immediately informed via a push notification.

Digital tyre management for greater efficiency and sustainability

With its factory-installed Gen2-sensors in specialty tyres, the tyre manufacturer continues to drive forward the digitalisation of fleets. For example, its EM-Master and LD-master product lines are available for construction machines and loaders, its ContainerMaster Radial product line for large forklifts and reach stackers in port terminal operations, and its VF TractorMaster Hybrid for tractors. Digital tyre management helps to achieve maximum service life, which reduces the total cost of ownership and promotes sustainable use of materials.

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