Machinery Movers Magazine took the scenic drive up to picturesque Ballyshannon, Co Donegal where Rototilt dealers Construction Plant Services have their headquarters nestled just north of the town.

Construction Plant Services was set up in August 2005 by Declan and Donna McGowan. They are a family run business that started from humble beginnings – with just one mobile workshop. They would travel from job to job repairing & maintaining plant & machinery in the construction, quarry and Agri sectors.

Declan started selling plant machinery in 2018.
“We also had a dealership with another tiltrotator supplier, the product was good but the backup service was not great.

So, around 2020 Rototilt UK approached us to see if we would take on the brand.
We didn’t take it on straight away, however in Bauma 2022 we were very impressed with the Rototilt stand, the family themselves were there and we were very impressed with their knowledge of the product, so it was then we rang the lads in Rototilt UK and agreed to go for it.” says Declan.

The back up from Rototilt is unbelievable. They are always on the end of the phone at any time.

Since Brexit we now carry our own tiltrotators and parts in stock so if you breakdown today, you have parts replaced today.

Darrell Thornton, who is MD at D Thornton Mechanical and Hydraulics, has now teamed up with CPS.

Darrell has recently been appointed as a new Sub Dealer and Service Partner for Rototilt UK. Darrell is based in Northern Ireland with a lot of tiltrotator knowledge who will be working alongside CPS going forward.

“I have to say Rototilt are very loyal to their dealer network and aim to deliver an excellent customer experience for Rototilt users. They are very focused on supporting the end user.” said Darrell.

Chatting to Declan he prides himself on the back up service that he provides.

“If a customer is on the phone with me with a problem, I will be on video chat with him and 9 times out of ten I will have the issue sorted there and then. If it’s a situation where a part needs to be replaced, I’m in the van and on the way.” says Declan

Also with the new RC Rototilt models, the dealer can now connect directly with the unit anywhere in Ireland and run a full diagnostic.

“From meeting both me and Darrell today, you can tell were not the suit and tie type of guys, we will very much get in and get our hands dirty. If you ring someone with a suit and tie who sold you something there’s a good chance he won’t have a clue how to help you” says Declan

Between CPS and D Thornton there is 10 staff from fabrication and fitting in the workshop to service and repair with the 4 vans on the road covering the island of Ireland.
Rototilt RC tiltrotator

The introduction of the Rototilt RC tiltrotator marks a significant leap forward in the area of construction machinery.

Revolutionising the capabilities of excavators, this cutting-edge attachment promises enhanced efficiency, versatility, and precision in various excavation tasks.

With its innovative design and advanced functionalities, the Rototilt RC tiltrotator is poised to redefine the standards of performance in the construction industry.

At the heart of the Rototilt RC tiltrotator is its remarkable ability to rotate 360 degrees continuously while also tilting up to 40 degrees in both directions. This unparalleled range of motion grants operators unparalleled control over the positioning of attachments, enabling them to access hard-to-reach areas and execute complex maneuvers with ease. Whether it’s digging trenches, shaping terrain, or maneuvering materials, the Rototilt RC tiltrotator empowers operators to accomplish tasks more efficiently and with greater precision.

Some of the stand out features of the Rototilt RC tiltrotator is its intuitive control system, which allows operators to manipulate both rotation and tilt functions simultaneously with exceptional fluidity. Rotoillt is also the only tilt rotator brand that has the Pulse function and the Home function.

Equipped with advanced hydraulic technology, this system ensures smooth and responsive operation, enabling operators to achieve precise movements with minimal effort.

Additionally, the Rototilt RC tiltrotator offers customisable control settings, allowing operators to tailor the machine’s responsiveness to their preferences and the demands of the job at hand.
In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, the Rototilt RC tiltrotator boasts a robust and durable construction that is built to withstand the rigors of the construction site.

Engineered from high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing, this attachment delivers exceptional reliability and longevity, ensuring years of dependable service in even the most demanding environments. Furthermore, the Rototilt RC tiltrotator is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and service points that streamline upkeep and minimise downtime.


The versatility of the Rototilt RC tiltrotator extends beyond its primary functions, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of excavator attachments. Whether it’s buckets, grapples, or hydraulic breakers, this tiltrotator can accommodate various tools, allowing operators to tackle diverse tasks without the need for multiple machines. This versatility not only enhances efficiency on the job site but also maximises the utilisation of existing equipment, delivering cost savings and operational flexibility.

The diagnostic feature on the new Rototilt RC range represents a groundbreaking advancement in construction equipment technology. This feature provides operators with real-time insights into the performance and condition of the tiltrotator, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure optimal uptime and productivity.

At its core, the diagnostic feature utilises advanced sensors and monitoring systems integrated into the Rototilt RC range. These sensors continuously gather data on various parameters such as hydraulic pressure, temperature, and motor performance, providing a comprehensive overview of the tilt rotator’s operation.

Declan also informs me they’ve recently taken on the iDig systems and are installing them in machines which complement the Rototilt system.

“We install the iDig with special brackets that won’t fall off and looks pretty much like a factory fit. That ethos also goes for the tiltrotators. You can solve 90% of your potential problems the day you install it.”

Declan also provides custom fitting of the units to any machines.

“For example, part of the issue a lot of customers complain about when changing to tiltrotators is that they have to change all their buckets and hitches. If you bring in your attachments, we have a CNC plasma and fully kitted fabrication workshop which will modify your buckets etc. to fit the tiltrotator.”

Rototilt as a company sees Ireland as a huge market and as the tiltrotator industry has evolved in Ireland, Rototilt see the country as a very important part of their plan going forward.

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