‪engcon are proud to announce the compatibility of engcon’s next generation of‬ ‪control system, DC3, with Cat® NGH ranging from 13 to 35t. This will make‬
‪installation of engcon tiltrotators and control system on Caterpillar excavators‬ ‪easier than ever before.‬

‪DC3 – The next generation of control system for engcon tiltrotators, is based on a‬ ‪new hardware and software platform which makes installation and connection‬ ‪towards machine manufacturer provided interfaces easier compared to the‬ ‪conventional aftermarket installation of today.

Utilizing the interface for 3rd party‬ ‪tiltrotator support now available on Cat® NGH, makes the installation of engcon‬ ‪tiltrotators into an operation completed in hours instead of days.‬

Fredrik Eklind, Control System Product Manager at engcon comments.‬
‪With increased demand for our products on a global scale, we see it as crucial to‬ ‪make our tiltrotator more accessible and easier to get in the hands of the customer.‬ ‪It is equally as important to make sure that the customer can get the full value out of‬ ‪what both tiltrotator and machine has to offer. With the new interface for 3rd party‬ ‪tiltrotator support available on Cat® NGH and our DC3 control system both can now‬ ‪be achieved.‬

‪By making engcon ́s next generation tiltrotator control system adaptable to‬ ‪Caterpillar ́s‬ ‪3rd interface, installations are not only made simpler, the customer can now also‬ ‪enjoy all the technology features offered with the Cat® NGH in combination with an‬ ‪engcon tiltrotator.‬

‪The interface allows the tiltrotator to be seamlessly controlled via the Cat® NGH‬ ‪joysticks. It is also fully compatible with engcon’s second generation of positioning‬ ‪solution, ePS v2, allowing the tiltrotator to send both tilt and rotation information‬ ‪directly to the machine.

The positioning information can then be used in Cat® NGH;‬ ‪Cat Grade solutions, Cat Payload and Cat E-Fence features A tiltrotator from engcon‬ ‪is now fully compatible and customers can now leverage all the technology Cat NGH‬ ‪excavators have to offer, all while leaving the cabin intact and without additional‬ ‪sensors.‬

‪The engcon system compatible with CAT 3rd party interface will be available on the‬ ‪market later this year, for more information about the product contact your local‬ ‪engcon dealer.‬

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