– MEP calls for Oversight Committee to be established-

A delegation from the European Parliament arrives in Ireland today (Monday October 30th) to investigate the defective concrete block crisis.

MEPs from Spain, Estonia and Latvia will join Irish counterparts on the three-day mission to Donegal and Dublin. The visit serves as a follow-up to several petitions that were received and debated by the Committee on Petitions, highlighting the issue of defective mica blocks used in construction in Ireland.

Fine Gael’s Colm Markey – who is part of the delegation – has described the trip as a ‘fact finding mission’.

“It’s quite significant that a delegation from the European Parliament is coming to Ireland to specifically look into the defective concrete block issue and meet with those affected. The mission is primarily about gaining a comprehensive understanding of what transpired and ensuring that it does not happen again. The delegation will inspect the affected buildings, meet with homeowners who are impacted, engage with experts in the field and hold discussions with the Minister for Housing before submitting a comprehensive report to the European Commission. The visit sends out a strong message that the EU Parliament is listening and engaging with people directly affected by this crisis on the ground”, he said.

MEP Markey said they would also be discussing the Government’s Enhanced Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme.

He concluded, “I fully comprehend the significant challenges faced by the homeowners and it’s crucial that they have straightforward access to the Enhanced Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme. The Government has already accepted a proposal to establish an Oversight Committee in the Department of Housing and I believe this group should meet urgently to address a number of issues relating to the fund. The Committee should include representatives from the Department, Government agencies, banks, the insurance sector, the construction industry and the MICA Redress Group who can work together to ensure the smooth roll-out of the scheme. Additionally, the banks need to step up and offer zero-interest loans to the homeowners.”

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