On 8th to 11th March, over 1,000 diggers will go over the ramp to the highest bidder at this unreserved auction at Europe’s largest used plant and machinery sale, Euro Auctions, Leeds.

This will be the biggest collection of excavators ever amassed, in one place, for sale, on this planet! All machines for sale have been consigned specifically for this auction and include an amazing collection to suit all requirements and budgets. If you are in the market for an excavator, you must register for this sale!

Whilst lots for sale include mini-excavators, 6t +, 10t +, and over 20t machines, Euro Auctions have amassed a collection that includes machines from each and every manufacturer, with variations of model as well as years of registration. So, Euro Auctions is assured there is an excavator to suit all bidders.

Sales Manager for Euro Auctions, Chris Osborne, comments, “And the reason for this huge inventory of excavators? We believe it is a combination of factors, which result in a perfect cocktail with Euro Auctions being offered so much good machinery. In the last few years contracting and plant hire have been doing well, with firms growing as we come out or Covid. Now supply chains from OEMs are opening up and deliveries of brands new machines are starting to flow again. So, operators are dropping inventory and buying new machines for their businesses. At the same time the market is buoyant and used machines are fetching good prices and those wanting to put money back into their businesses are selling.”

“If you dismiss buying from Euro Auctions because of the old saying… “people only put kit in an auction if there’s a problem with it…” then you’re missing out! We have well and truly shaken off that stigma and offer a trusted way to buy and sell great quality new and used equipment to the whole world. Next week in Leeds we have over 1,000 lots that are 5 years old or less! And 100’s of lots of brand-new equipment! Check out the quantities of each year plated units we have so far with 1 week to go”.

  • 350+ – Unused / 2023 or 2022
  • 64 number 2021 plate machines
  • 90 number 2020 plate machines
  • 184 number 2019 plate machines
  • 354 number 2018 plate machines

Buying at Euro Auctions

To buy from Euro Auctions is a straightforward and easy process. All sales are unreserved public auctions, meaning all lots are sold on the day to the highest bidder. There are no minimum bids, no reserve prices and no buy backs.

Started searching for equipment? Make life easier by signing up for a free account and start to save searches, add items to a watchlist and leave pre-bids. When you have found the item you want, you can bid in 4 ways:

On-site – in person at the live auction.

  • Online – using our secure bidding platform.
  • Pre-bid – leave a bid in advance of an auction.
  • Marketplace – make an offer or buy it now on a range of items.

To obtain a bidding number you must register for each auction you are interested in contact:

Full details for consignors and bidder catalogues for all sales are available on the Euro Auctions website at www.euroauctions.com email info@euroauctions.com or on +44 (0) 2882 898262.

Upcoming Auctions 2022 – for Euro Auctions & Yoder & Frey

Euro Auctions Leeds UK March 8, 9, 10, 11

Yoder & Frey Ohio USA March 9

Euro Auctions Dormagen Germany March 15, 16, 17

Euro Auctions Zaragoza Spain March 21

Euro Auctions Blythewood UK March 23

Yoder & Frey Houston USA March 30

Euro Auctions Brisbane Australia April 27

Yoder & Frey Florida USA May 16

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