Euro Auction Leeds auction attracts buyers from 86 countries


Euro Auction, Leeds UK – latest auction attracts buyers from 86 countries with the biggest hammer of the year at £39 million

Again, the Euro Auctions UK site in Leeds proves it is Europe’s number one sales arena for the sale of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and industrial plant, hosting the largest sale in the last 18 months with over 5,300 lots going over the ramp.

The hunger for good quality used equipment is still evident, as the third sale of 2021 at Euro Auctions, Leeds, proves again that this newly extended facility is without doubt the finest of its kind, attracting more vendors, more buyers and selling more equipment than any other auction facility of its kind in Europe.

Over 5,300 lots went under the hammer over the three days of the sale, from over 560 vendors from 26 countries, and whilst consignors from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, were evident at this sale, it was the home market that was centre stage, with 90% of vendors coming from the UK.  This popular sale always attracts new sellers with 15% of the register vendors selling for the first time. That said, floor bidders and general attendances were strong as this sale always attracts the crowd, Covid compliant of course.

Since Covid, Euro Auctions has been running its live auctions online and attracting progressively larger internet audiences with this sale being no different with 80% of all successful bids being conducted via the bidding platform on Euro Auctions website.

Whilst the number of bidder accounts remained solid over the previous sales of 2021 and 2020, floor bidders have increased with a relaxation of Covid rules and first-time registrations to bid at this sale were up by 15% and total bidders from 86 countries around the globe, such is the pull that this sale has internationally.

Top buyers by world region in the overall sale were as follows:

UK – 51%, Europe – 46%, Middle East – 1%, Africa – 1%, Rest of World – 1%.

Top bidders by country, as expected and in order were: UK, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Spain, Romania, The Netherlands, and Germany,

Jonnie Keys of Euro Auctions comments on the current market, “Since the advent of Covid we have seen a continued influx on new consignors and new registered bidders at our new Euro Auctions site in Leeds. New buyers and consignors like our simple process, with our staff really engaging with both buyers and sellers. In addition, in a time when more consignors are looking to turn iron into cash, they are putting their trust in Euro Auctions sell their equipment to get true market value. Buyers have been strong and evident at all sales, and of course without them we would not have an auction, so we thank them for their continued support.”

Prices were strong – notable lots sold include:

Tractors                                                                                                                       £ Sterling

2020 New Holland T7.260 Power Command 4WD Tractor, Cab Suspension             85,000

2013 New Holland T7.200 4WD Tractor, 770TL Loader, Front Linkage & PTO         38,500

2013 John Deere 6190R 4WD Tractor, Front Linkage,TLS, Cab Suspension              45,000

2017 John Deere 6155R 4WD Tractor, 50K, Front Linkage & PTO, Air Brakes          57,000

2016 Case Puma 200 4WD Tractor, Front Linkage, Front Suspension                      36,000

6 T Excavator

2018 Kubota KX080-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Aux. Piping, A/C        42,000

2015 CAT 308E2CR Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, Aux. Reverse Camera, A/C         33,000

2017 Takeuchi TB290 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, Aux Piped, A/C                           41,000

2013 Takeuchi TB285 450mm Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, A/C                    26,500

2017 Hyundai Robex R80CR-9A Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, Piping, A/C        28,000

2015 JCB 85Z-1 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera      27,500

2015 JCB 85Z-1 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped                                   29,000



10 T Excavators

2014 Volvo EC180DL 700mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, Demo Cage, A/C                        41,000

2014 JCB JS160LC Bogmaster, 1500mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera      38,500

2018 JCB 131XL 500mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, Reverse Camera           52,000

2016 JCB JS131LC+ 700mm Pads, VG, QH, Piped, Piping, Reverse Camera, A/C     34,000

3610 – 2013 CAT 312E 700mm Pads, VG, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C      37,500

20 T Excavators

2018 Doosan DX340LC-5 800mm Pads, Piped, Aux. Piping, Demo Cage, A/C           95,000

2017 Doosan DX340LC-5 700mm Pads, Piped, Aux. Piping, Demo Cage, A/C           89,000

2013 Doosan DX380LC-3 600mm Pad, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C           45,000

2008 Doosan DX340LC 600mm Pads, Piped, Aux. Piping, Reverse Camera, A/C      36,000

CAT 330CL 700mm Pads, Reverse Camera, A/C                                                        43,000

CAT 320 2D 700mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, 360 Camera, A/C                 118,000

2020 CAT 320GC 600mm Pads, Piped, Reverse & Blind Spot Camera, A/C              99,000

2020 Kobelco SK220 XDLC-10 600mm Pads, Piped, A/C                                            110,000


2015 Volvo EC55C Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, A/C                       20,000

2015 Kubota KX057-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped                       25,500

2012 Kubota KX057-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped                       21,000

2011 Kubota KX057-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped                         19,000

2015 Kubota U55-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped                             22,500

2017 Kubota KX71-3 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, QH, Piped                                  22,000


2007 CAT D6N LGP 6 Way Pat Blade, 360 Camera, A/C                                        50,000

2007 CAT D6N LGP 6 Way Pat Blade, A/C                                                                 37,000

2006 CAT D5N XL  6 Way Pat Blade, A/C, 2960 Hours                                          55,000




Skid Steer Loaders

2007 JCB 160 Skidsteer Loader, Piped                                                                       8,500

2007 Case 410 Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Bucket                                                        8,000

2009 Bobcat S160 Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Bucket                                                   11,500

2006 Bobcat S130 Skidsteer Loader, Piped                                                                9,500

2008 Bobcat S100 Skidsteer Loader, Piped                                                                10,000

Back Hoe Loaders

2010 JCB 4CX P21  Turbo Powershift, QH, Piped, Powerslide, Front QH, SRS, A/C  39,500

2009 JCB 4CX P21  4WS Turbo Powershift Sitemaster, Joystick Controls, SRS         26,500

2008 JCB 3CX P21 Turbo Powershift Backhoe Loader, SRS, A/C                               27,500

2006 JCB 3CX P21 Powershift Contractor Backhoe Loader, Piped 4 in 1 Bucket       26,000

2007 JCB 3CX P21 Turbo Powershift, Joystick Controls, A/C, Torque Lock                27,000

2006 JCB 3CX P21 Turbo Sitemaster Backhoe Loader, Piped, QH, 4in1 Bucket        24,000

Wheeled Excavators

2010 CAT M318D Wheeled Material Handler, Stabilisers, CV, QH, 4822 Hours       54,000

2008 Volvo EW180C, Blade, Stabilisers, Piped, Aux. Piping, Demo Cage, A/C         28,000

2014 JCB JS160W Wheeled Excavator, Blade, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C              39,000

2011 JCB JS145W Wheeled Excavator, Blade, Stabilisers, Piped, Aux. Piping          27,000

Articulated Dumptrucks

2015 Volvo A40G 6×6 Articulated Dumptruck, Tail Gate, Reverse Camera, A/C      136,000

2013 Volvo A30F 6×6 Articulated Dumptruck, Tail Gate, Reverse Camera, A/C       93,000

2013 Volvo A25F 6×6 Articulated Dumptruck, Tail Gate, Reverse Camera, A/C       78,000

2014 Volvo A30G 6×6 Articulated Dumptruck, Tail Gate, Reverse Camera, A/C      109,000


2013 JCB 535-140 Hi Viz Turbo Powershift, Sway, WLI, Reverse Camera, A/C        25,000

2011 JCB 535-140 Hi Viz Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Sway, WLI, A/C, Forks      25,500

2006 JCB 535-140 Powershift Telehandler, WLI, Forks                                             19,000

2014 CAT TH414C GC Turbo Powershift, Joystick Controls, WLI, Bucket & Forks     29,000


Upcoming Auctions – Register for upcoming Euro Auction & Yoder & Frey Sales

13th May                    OEM Parts       USA     YODER & FREY

19th May                    Kissimmee     USA     YODER & FREY

3rd June                      Findlay, Ohio USA     YODER & FREY

16th – 19th June          Leeds               UK       Euro Auctions

22nd June                    Zaragoza         Spain   Euro Auctions

25th & 26th June        Dromore         NI        Euro Auctions

24th Jun                      Brisbane         Australia         Euro Auctions

28th June                    Dubai              UAE                 Euro Auctions

30th Jun – 2nd Jul        Dormagen       Germany         Euro & Frey

Euro Auctions attracts buyers and sellers in 95 countries, with all Euro Auctions sales attracting a growing number of international machinery buyers. Full details for consignors and bidder catalogues for these events available on theEuro Auctions website at www.euroauctions.comemail info@euroauctions.comor on +44 (0) 2882 898262.

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