Irish Agricultural New Tractor Registrations


The latest FTMTA Statistics Service Report for May 2024 shows a reduced level of activity in the farm machinery sector in Ireland with new tractor registrations continuing in a downward trend.

The numbers of imported used tractors and machines, registered for the first time in Ireland, decreased compared with the same month of May 2023.


The May 2024 new tractor market at 161 units was 23% lower compared with the same month in 2023. There were 1,230 new tractors registered in the year-to-date, a 11% decline compared with the first five months of 2023.

County Cork continues to deliver the highest number of new tractor registrations at 174 units for the year-to-date, while Tipperary is ranked in second place with 117 units followed by Limerick third place at 73 unit.

The most popular power band continued in the 161 to 200hp category, which for May 2024 accounted for 29.8% of all new tractor registrations. Tractors in the power band lower than 100hp now account for 9.9% of all new tractor registrations, slightly lower than for the same month in 2023. The over 200hp category now accounts for 14.9% of all new tractors. The monthly average tractor horsepower figure for May 2024 was 155hp.

The FTMTA data shows that 302 imported used tractors were first-time registered in Ireland in May 2024, 30 units less than in May 2023. For the year to date, 1,237 used tractors were imported and registered for the first time, a 13.1% decline.

Self-Propelled Silage Harvesters 2024

The registration figures up to the end of May 2024 show that 32 new self-propelled silage harvesters (SPFH) were registered in Ireland during 2024 with an additional 5 imported used machines registered for the first time. Claas showed a single increase, while John Deere recorded a significant decline in SPFH unit registrations. That reflects an 18% decline in new registrations, while registrations of new self-propelled mowers remained unchanged at 5 units.

Telescopic Loaders

The Irish market for new telescopic loaders reported a marginal increase in May 2024 at 39 units. The latest FTMTA data shows new telescopic registrations increased in May 2024 by 5.4% compared with May 2023 when 37 units were registered. The year-to-date market shows a 4.82% increase in registrations. The two leading brands JCB and Manitou account for 70% of the total new market, while Kramer has grown to a healthy 13% market share. There were 37 imported used telescopic loaders registered in May 2024.

Wheeled Loaders

The Irish wheeled loader market recorded a higher number of new registrations in May 2024 at 19 units, compared with May 2023, while the year-to-date market decreased by 13%. The position of the smaller Chinese manufactured machines at the lower price and power end of the market for farmers declined marginally to 53% of the new wheeled loader registrations in Ireland. There was one imported used wheeled loader registered in May 2024.

Backhoe Loaders

The Irish backhoe loader market increased in May 2024 compared with May 2023 with 4 new machines, which converted to a 33% decrease. There were 3 used backhoe loaders registered in May 2024 in Ireland.

Month: 161 Units -23% change (compared with May 2023)

Year to Date: 1,230 Units -11% change (compared with May 2023)

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