JCB adds first electric model to popular site dumper range

JCB has launched its first ever electric site dumper with the unveiling of a one tonne high-tip model powered by lithium-ion battery technology. Designed to work indoors, underground and in emissions-sensitive areas, the 1TE electric dumper is an ideal partner for JCB’s market-leading 19C-1E electric mini excavator.
Key features include:
·        Zero emissions and low noise levels
·        Fast charge capability
·        Full shift operation in typical use
·        High-tip skip design to allow loading into skips and larger containers
The 1T-E site dumper is a durable, compact machine with a full steel skip and heavy-duty articulated chassis. The machine replaces the individual wheel motors of the hydrostatic 1T-2 with conventional drive axles and a drop box, to provide full-time all-wheel drive. A 7kW hydraulic motor delivers drive to the drop box, while a second hydraulic pump is used to power the machine’s standard hydraulic circuit, for steering and skip lift.

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