JCB innovation leads the way in clean electric charging


JCB is launching a range of power packs to support its growing line of fully electric machinery – offering zero-emissions electrical back-up to remote and urban construction projects.


The maintenance power packs will feature:

  • Zero-emissions electrical supply and back-up facility
  • Four or eight batteries giving 23 or 46 kWhr of storage capacity
  • 8kW/10kVA single phase output
  • Robust, stackable 1.0m3 frame, with fork pockets for easy handling


Electric support

The JCB power pack range will be available with a choice of four or eight automotive quality, maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries. There is no requirement for daily checks, making them ideal for rental companies and contractors. The batteries’ depth of discharge is optimised to prolong the battery health and even after 2,000 full charge and discharge cycles (expected to be over 10 years), the batteries are guaranteed to still have over 85% of their capacity left.

Packaged in a robust steel canopy, the JCB power pack can be recharged from a mains supply, or an on-site generator. It can then be positioned within emissions-sensitive areas, such as indoors or in tunnelling projects, to provide a zero-emission recharge facility for machinery like JCB’s E-TECH 19C-1E fully electric mini excavator. The power packs can also be used to deliver back-up electricity on site, for lighting and security during the night, when site generators may be turned off.

With compact 1.0m3dimensions, the JCB power pack is supplied with fork pockets on each side of the steel canopy, to allow for easy on-site manoeuvrability. The units can be pallet mounted or stacked, to maintain a small footprint when space is at a premium.

JCB power packs provide a zero-emissions solution to varying on-site electrical demand, creating no noise or vibrations at the point of use and allowing longer operation of machinery in urban and emissions-sensitive areas. The power packs are a further demonstration of JCB’s leading role in the move towards a cleaner, low-emission future for construction equipment, building upon the growing range of JCB E-TECH electric machinery that will be available to customers,

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