Gary Ashe reviews the new Komatsu HM 400 ADT which is the latest addition
to the Komatsu fleet at Breedon Group quarry in Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath.

Nearly all the mainline plant operating at Breedon’s Quarry in Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath is now Komatsu brand, all acquired from McHale Plant Sales in Dublin.

It seems Breedon is quite content with this brand which has obviously proven itself in quarry operators and with the team to be well equipped to serve in the challenging and robust environment of the quarry floor.

The latest addition to the fleet is no exception; the Komatsu HM 400 ADT is a capable beast that can swiftly move its ass around the quarry shifting a 40 tonne payload.

Any job, anywhere

With a powerful Komatsu EU Stage V engine, the advanced Komatsu Traction Control System, selectable working modes for on-demand performance adjustments, a robust exterior, and state-of-the-art solutions for its suspension and retarder, the HM400-5 is a perfect choice for any jobsite, in any conditions.

The variable displacement piston pump reduces Power Take-Off (PTO) loss. Improvements in transmission and axles increase energy savings and the sophisticated electronic control of the engine operation helps to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

To reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions and for lower operating costs, the Komatsu auto idle shutdown automatically turns off the engine after it idles for a set period of time, which can be easily programmed from five to 60 minutes. An Eco-gauge and Eco guidance tips on the cab monitor further encourage efficient operation.

Heavy-duty after treatment

The after treatment system combines a Komatsu diesel particulate filter (KDPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The SCR injects the correct amount of AdBlue into the system at the proper rate to break down NOx into water (H2O) and non-toxic nitrogen gas (N2). NOx emissions are reduced by 80% vs EU Stage IIIB engines.

For its world renowned rigid dump trucks, Komatsu developed various wheel slip control systems that were refined and combined with new technologies to produce the advanced traction control system that equips all HM400-5 machines. KTCS automatically provides optimum traction in any ground condition.

If tyre slippage is detected by one of the speed sensors located on four of the wheels, it triggers the automatic application of the inter-axle differential lock. If slippage persists, the intelligent brakes systems automatically control the slipping wheel and regain traction on the opposite side. This improves productivity and tyre durability.

Payload & power mode

The HM400-5 has a payload of 40 tonnes that combines with a loading height of only 3.165 mm to enable easy loading. The truck features a low centre of gravity and a high ground clearance.

It also features selectable working modes. ‘Power mode’ is for high production jobs and uphill hauling.

It increases the engine’s maximum output and raises the upshift and downshift engine speeds during operation. For lighter work on flat ground, ‘Economy mode’ will lower the engine’s maximum output and the upshift and downshift speeds.

The wide Komatsu SpaceCab with user-friendly controls provides a comfortable and safe work environment. A fully adjustable air-suspended seat dampens vibrations and reduces the fatigue of long shifts. Large front and electric side windows give a superior visibility and increased confidence. The rear window can be electrically heated for quick defrosting.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension

On both the front and rear axle, Komatsu’s trailing arm hydro-pneumatic suspension gives the HM400-5 a smooth ride with reduced pitching and excellent driving comfort. Fewer shocks for the operator and for the machine components also mean less spilled material and increased durability, comfort and productivity.

A high comfort air-suspended seat, with lumbar support and multiple adjustments, ensures operator well-being during the entire work shift. Both seats can be heated, for an easy start on cold winter days.

Traction control

By operating only the accelerator, Komatsu’s Traction Control System (KTCS) allows full-time all- wheel drive, along with safe and easy turning on soft ground and slippery roads. Thanks to this superior steering, no extra skill is required to drive an HM400-5.

By a touch on the monitor panel, the radiator can be cleaned easily with a reversible, hydraulically driven cooling fan. A clean radiator reduces fuel consumption and increases overall machine performance. Transmission oil filters and brake systems can be serviced from ground level.

The HM 400 ADT is a powerhouse of construction machinery. Boasting a massive 40 t payload capacity, this machine effortlessly tackles the most demanding earth-moving tasks. Its advanced design with articulation and oscillation ensures superb manoeuvrability even in challenging terrains, making it an ideal choice for large-scale construction projects.

The operator’s cab offers comfort and visibility, enhancing productivity and safety. Equipped with a reliable Komatsu engine, the HM 400 delivers excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

With a reputation for durability and performance, this ADT is a top choice for contractors looking for reliability and efficiency in heavy-duty hauling.


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