LiuGong Dressta Machinery showcase its newest machines


LiuGong Dressta Machinery showcased its newest machines and impressed Polish operators at the eRobocze Show

LiuGong Dressta Machinery (LDM) has participated once again in the 9thedition of eRobocze event in Lubień Kujawski with a line up of 13 machines (5 demo, 8 static) and a giant stand covering a whopping area of 2400m2.

eRobocze is Poland`s leading live showcase event with dynamic machine demonstrations and competitions organized among operators. It sets a large platform for visiting operators from around the country to get inside the cab of machines of various brands and test the latest models for themselves and have a first-hand impression.

In this edition of the show, thanks to the 13-machine line-up of tough equipment designed for the harshest conditions that have been showcased to the operators, LiuGong Dressta Machinery has successfully dominated the event with its stand and demo traffic. The demo machines included the new Dressta TD-15M series-2 crawler dozer, the massive 950E excavator, two units of the 9018F mini excavator and the all-new generation F-Series excavator, 924F, that drew the most attention throughout the entire event.

The visiting operators have taken part in a competition organized on the 924F during the first half of the day and also had the opportunity to watch two exciting demo shows conducted by LDM operator with the massive 950E and the new 924F in the afternoon hours. Some select few visiting operators have also been part of “LiuGong`s Listening Lab” with the 924F where LDM has put together a very professional machine trial process specifically for the show to collect quality feedback from operators with the intention of further improving the new generation F-Series excavators.

The all-new 924F was by far the spot-light attraction point of the show and received very well feedback from the operators specifically for its controllability, stability, swing speed and digging force during the machine competition and LiuGong`s Listening Lab. F-Series puts the operator at the heart of the machine and with ultimate control, it`s making it easy and safe to operate with maximum productivity. An all-new cab that puts operators in the comfort zone, electro-proportional joysticks, variable auxiliary flow circuit for precise control of attachments, load-sensing hydraulics for ‘pinpoint’ metering & smooth-control are only some of the key features that sets the F-Series apart.

The new Dressta TD-15M series-2 has also been one of the most engaging and appealing demo machines of the entire event as it was a very exciting opportunity for Polish operators to see the new version of the TD-15; a model with high reputation within the Polish construction industry for decades. The all new-cab making the operator feel at home and the electrohydraulic controls allowing perfect command & control were well appreciated by those who have tried out the machine in the demo zone.

The 5 demo machines were teamed up with the 9018F, 9027F, 9035E, 909ECR, 922E, 835H, 856H, and 877H; all demonstrating LiuGong`s collaboration with customers to deliver machines with features tailored for mining, aggregates, demolition, material handling, utilities, landscaping and road & highway.

Howard Dale, Chairman of LiuGong Dressta Machinery, commented “We have a long-term commitment and confidence in the Polish market. Our goal is to provide world class service also through exhaustive parts availability for both LiuGong and Dressta customers wherever they are located in Poland, the nation we call our home land. Alongside our investments in people, R&D, Product Support, we have also been investing in broadening our national coverage by setting up direct retail operations composed of true industry professionals. We are very happy to be at eRobocze once again. It`s a great event helping us to gain feedback from the highest profile operators of the country about our products, listen to them and shape our future products and services.”

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