Materials extracted in quarries


A world tour of materials from quarries processed with MB Crusher’s attachments

Spectacular and famous sites such as Carrara marble quarry or the beautiful elliptical patterns from copper mines, quarries provide important resources for every country. Despite the differences between each location and the great distances between them, there are two main problems that all sites have in common: managing extracted materialand productivity rates.Each quarry consistently sends engineers and operators in the field to look for new solutions that can increase their profitability.

The answer comes from MB Crusher’s range of attachments designed to transform certain operational expenses to an advantage. The units are easy to insert without needing specialized machines or personnel, making them immediately operational.


Sandstone, India:

Our tour starts in India, where an MB-S18 screening bucketwas installed on a Kobelco SK220SD excavator in a sandstone quarry.They saw immediate results: the extracted materials were screened to select the desired output size.


Gypsum, Uzbekistan:

Moving onto Uzbekistan where the MB-R900 drum cutterhas been introduced in a gypsum quarry. Thanks to the unit, they easily obtained excellent material of a smaller size, suitable to be brought to a stationary crusher and increasing its hourly production. The finished product is then sold as a base for wall paint.

Copper, South America:

In South America, at an enormous open copper mine, the best decision was to introduce the BF120.4 crusher bucketand the MB-S18 screening bucketto the mine. Both units are suitable for situations where high-level performances and where producing large quantities are required.

MB’s jaw crusher is installed on a Caterpillar 336D works day and night to crush all of the inert material, when properly screened by the MB-S18 screening bucket, is perfect to cover the holes where the explosives were placed inside. This way, the explosion is more targeted and efficient. The larger sized materials is used to build soft roadsinside the mine. The advantages? With the waste material managed directly on site, they saved time and money, which are fundamental factors for quarry or mine’s competitiveness.

Coal, India:

Inside a large coal quarryin southern India, they needed to accurately manage materials because their surface miner was unable to adjust the output size they needed. The solution came from one of MB Crusher’s units, specifically the MB-HDS320 shaft screener bucket.The only thing they needed was the unit installed on their excavator working inside the quarry to produce 55-66 tons per hourof material that’s ready to be used at the power plant. There are several results:reduced waste, increased profitability in the quarry, reduced operational expenses down to the bare minimum and consistent optimized productivity.

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