The Liebherr compact loaders are represented at Bauma 2022 by the L 504 Compact and L 508 Compact models. The new L 504 Compact is the group’ s smallest wheel loader.

It embodies the qualities of the larger series while also representing an excellent value for the money. The L 546 model will represent the mid-sized wheel loaders at the Liebherr booth.

The trade fair exhibit is equipped with numerous intelligent assistance systems such as the redesigned and powerful Skyview camera system and the active personnel detection with brake assist.

Other wheel loaders from other product lines, such as the L 509 Tele or the L 586 XPower®, complete the range of Liebherr wheel loaders on show at this year’s Bauma.

Liebherr has redeveloped and completely redesigned its range of mid-sized wheel loaders. The newly-designed lift arms, featuring a z-bar linkage and improved working hydraulics, ensure maximum breakout, holding and return forces.

Structural reinforcements on the lift arms and cross tube increase robustness. The modified z-bar linkage with electrohydraulic pilot controls has larger hydraulic cylinders and more powerful working pumps than before. The combination of these innovations enables faster cycle times and dynamic work movements – even with heavy attachments such as high dump buckets or log grapples.

In addition to the new lift arms, the optimisation of the hydrostatic travel drive in particular contributes to the increased productivity of the wheel loaders. The more powerful engines are characterised by a higher maximum torque at a lower nominal speed.

This results in power and efficiency increases with the same low fuel consumption. More powerful hydraulic components, such as larger travel motors and travel pumps, ensure greater traction in all three models and thus powerful bucket filling.

To ensure the highest possible reliability, Liebherr has reinforced the axles in addition to the travel drive components: depending on the model, all three wheel loaders have larger front or rear axles than their predecessors.

Intelligent assistance systems are also part of the overall package of the new mid-sized Liebherr wheel loaders. An example of this is the active personnel detection with brake assist.

This optional assistance system, installed at the rear, warns the machine operator of dangers in the rear area both visually on the display and with acoustic signals.

In order to provide a specific warning of imminent injury to people, the assistance system independently distinguishes between people and objects using smart sensors. As soon as the active personnel detection emits a warning signal, the brake assistant automatically reduces the speed of the wheel loader to a standstill in order to avoid a potential accident.

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