Operator Awards


Entries for the awards may be made in any of the categories listed below. While an entry may be submitted in more than one category, the judging panel reserves the right to consider any entry in a category other than that for which it was entered. Please complete the form below the categories to enter.

360 Excavator 20tonne plus

Do you think you are the best 360 Excavator Operator in Ireland?? A 360 Excavator Operator must be able to understand levels, drainage and cut and mitre curbs. You’ll be tested!![divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Articulated Dump Truck

The Dump Truck Operator drives the truck to a destination, pulls levers or turns crank to tilt body, and dump contents. Sounds pretty simple right!?[divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Wheeled Loader

How many passes does it take you to fill a dump truck? Can you demonstrate where you save on fuel and time on the operation of the shovel.[divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Mini Excavator

There is a few on social media already bragging about this one! It could be you! How proficient are you? Get your nominations/applications in![divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Plant Fitter

If you are an individual that is skilled in the role of maintaining, services and repairing equipment and engines to top standards then this is your chance to be recognised for your efforts! Nominations for this award will be accepted by Plant Dealers from various sectors.[divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Wheeled Excavator

When it comes to digging, you just can’t beat an excavator on tracks. But take away the tracks and add some wheels and you get a very different machine that can perform a surprising variety of jobs and maneuver in places where any other type of heavy equipment would be impossible.[divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Tilt Attachment

The tilt rotator was invented in Sweden in the early 1980s. Over 90% of all excavators between 3 and 30 tonnes are now equipped with one. The more complicated the job – the higher the productivity when using a tiltrotator. Experienced operators usually estimate the productivity improvement to between 20 and 35% depending on the type of job. Impressive!! No pressure if you are applying for this one![divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]


Duties of a telehandler include loading and lifting cladding on to higher levels, offloading delivery vehicles, supplying various trades with materials etc. If you are thinking of applying for this one, then make sure you have all the tricks because you will be put to the test in January!![divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]


If you are an individual that is skilled in the role of moving earth around with a bulldozer, then this is the award for you! [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Demolition Operator – Hi Reach & Specialist attachments

Its a forward-thinking demolition innovation but the high-reach excavator improves accuracy and safety on the job. Do you think you have what it takes for this one or will we give you a chain and wrecking ball? [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Tipper Truck Operator

The forward tipping dump truck is the most common machine found on construction sites nationwide. Duties include operating an Articulated Dump Truck machine, assisting machine drivers and ground workers. The Dump Truck Driver drives the truck to a destination, pulls levers or turns crank to tilt body, and dump contents. [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

Backhoe Operator

The ultimate swiss army knife. How good are you working this machine, while observing your surroundings and how mindful you are when digging around utilities?  [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

King of the Operators

The National Construction Training Centre, based in Mount Lucas, Co.Offaly, is delighted to sponsor the ‘King of the Operators’ award. The winner of this prestigious title will be selected from the various category winners at the Machinery Movers Awards to be held in March 2020. Hundreds of skilled construction machinery operators will be entering the competition and only the best will be attending the trials day which will be hosted in Mount Lucas in February. The skills tests and judging will be independently carried out by the qualified instructors provided by the National Construction Training Centre and they will then select, who in their expert opinion, is the most qualified to claim the title, ‘King of the Operators’ [divider style=”solid” top=”5″ bottom=”5″]

We would encourage you to upload videos of yourself ‘in action’ to Facebook and Instagram using #MachineryMoversAwards and please tag us at @machinerymoversmagazine

When we reach shortlist stage, we may request a video to back up your entry.

If you have any difficulty with this online system, please email your entry to: awards@machinerymovers.ie