Ultra-high reach demolition excavator arrives in Europe

There is literally no job too big for the Kobelco SK1300DLC. With an operating weight of 130 tonnes and a colossal reach of up to 40m, the SK1300DLC is currently the world’s largest OEM manufactured building demolition machine.

Its introduction to the European market in March 2022 was met with high expectations due to its superior productivity, versatility, easy transportation and the ability to use more powerful crushers at new heights.

Following a series of exclusive customer events held near Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V.’s head office in Almere, three of these new SK1300DLC models have already been sold and are now set to work on demolition jobsites all across Europe.

Kobelco has long enjoyed a reputation as a market leader for demolition equipment in Japan. As an earthquake epicentre, buildings in Japan are often reinforced with concrete or steel to help ensure they are strong enough to resist seismic activity and provide adequate protection in the event of a natural disaster.

However, when older buildings are no longer fit for purpose and redevelopment is required, machinery needs to be strong enough to demolish these structures, but also powerful enough to get the job done efficiently.

Over the last several years, there has also been an increasing demand for this size of building demolition machine, in particular for the demolition of industrial facilities, power plants, oil rigs and other infrastructure-related projects and the regeneration of urban areas.

The ultra-high reach SK1300DLC-10E, which joins the smaller SK350DLC-10E, SK400DLC-10E and SK550DLC-11 in Kobelco’s demolition line-up, combines all the benefits of a conventional Kobelco excavator, but with the added strength, durability and technology to tackle some of these toughest demolition conditions.

“Kobelco has amassed significant experience with this class of building demolition machines in the Japanese market, so the SK1300D is a machine with an excellent pedigree.

Introduced in Japan in 2021, the SK1300DLC’s reputation as a workhorse in the toughest and most challenging demolition conditions is now second to none. Due to the increased demand for heavy demolition equipment in Europe, the arrival of the machine earlier this year had been highly anticipated.

“The SK1300DLC is ideal for demolition projects that require a high reach of over 30m, but its NEXT ADVANCE system also makes it ideal for demolition work at ground level or sub-ground level too.

We see that this versatility, and the fact that it is quick and easy to disassemble and transport, is of great benefit to demolition contractors working on multiple jobsites. Despite its commanding size, at the heart of it, the SK1300DLC also has all the same great high quality and performance characteristics Kobelco is renowned for.”

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