It is a fact that some operators think twice before deciding to invest in a tiltrotator, not least because of the costs involved, but once they take the plunge, they quickly realize the many benefits of such a versatile tool.

That has been the experience of Howard Greene who recently acquired a Rototilt R4 QuickChange (R4QC) from Irish based dealers Construction Plant Services (CPS).

Howard, who founded Erne Groundworks Ltd back in 2011, has been in the industry for over 30 years, having operated as a sole trader before setting up the company in County Cavan, close to the border with Northern Ireland. He says there were several reasons behind his decision to add the Rototilt R4 QuickChange which was also supplied with a Rototilt Quick Change machine coupler, Gripper module, Rototilt universal bucket and fully integrated joystick steering, axle locks, boom float and blade.

One influencing factor was the shortage of skilled operatives. “These days there are not that many young people coming into the industry, so it made perfect sense to invest in the tiltrotator as you can achieve so much work on site with just one operator. It has made my life a lot easier,” he says.

“It was a big financial outlay, but I can see it will quickly pay for itself.”
Although the 13-tonne Volvo EWR130E is a multipurpose machine in its own right, it has been transformed into an even more flexible excavator with the addition of the Rototilt tiltrotator with QuickChange. The Rototilt QuickChange system allows the operator to efficiently connect and reconnect various hydraulic and non-hydraulic tool options.

The operator has the choice of removing the tiltrotator in favour of another attachment. Or, as the R4QC has been supplied with QuickChange, he can pick up and operate other hydraulic attachments such as a compactor. The ability to operate the compactor connected to the tiltrotator is a game changer.

The benefits are huge not only in both time and fuel but also safety as the operator remains in the safest part of the machine – the cab!

Designed specifically for excavators weighing between 10-16 tonnes and despite its low weight and compact format, the R4QC can handle breakout torques of up to 163 kNm. With its proportional control system, you can use the tiltrotators functions simultaneously to provide precise control of tilt and rotation, even the gripper can be operated at the same time. This allows for a fluid motion while working which saves time and makes the unit very flexible in many applications.

The Rototilt design incorporates a cast housing which holds the rotation unit. This is an oil-filled rotor housing cast in a single piece resulting in a strong design at minimum weight. All the Rototilt units have this design. All are oil-filled for ease of service and long life.

It is that oil-filled cast rotor housing that sets Rototilt tiltrotators apart, making them robust and reliable as well as stronger and lighter than welded alternatives. The advantages of oil are numerous, including continuous lubrication, better heat dissipation, a much longer service life and particle removal, all simplifying maintenance and reducing wear on the key components.

The Rototilt QuickChange system is part of Open-S. This gives greater opportunity to utilize attachments within in the Open-S suppler group. Open-S is a standard adopted by many manufacturers allowing the easy hire or exchange of attachments depending on the job at hand.

“Since using the Rototilt R4QC on site, we have become more efficient and productive. It is saving us on labour costs, and we are able to carry out tasks that would have been otherwise difficult, such is the versatility it has added to the Volvo EWR130E,” says Howard who also operates three other excavators, a Volvo EC235, a Volvo EC140, and a Doosan DX235, in addition to a number of 9-tonne dumpers.

Mastering the controls of a tiltrotator can be a steep learning curve for some, but Howard explains: “We had excellent support from the team at CPS and were able to quickly get to grips with the new system which has been smoothly integrated with the agile Volvo EWR130E. Like I said, it is proving to be a great combination and a rewarding investment.”

Adds CPS’s Declan McGowan: “In recent times we have seen a steady increase in the popularity of the Rototilt brand as more and more operators like Howard at Erne Groundworks have come to appreciate the benefits. We were delighted to set up the R4QC on his new Volvo excavator and guide him through the process of using it to achieve the best results from the product. We wish him every success in his business going forward.”

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