Telematics system developed by Hitachi Construction Machinery UK


An industry-changing telematics system developed by Hitachi Construction Machinery UK

Hitachi Construction Machinery UK (HCMUK), a leading name in the construction, quarrying and demolition equipment market, has unveiled CTFleet Link®, a mixed-fleet telematics system which has been designed by the construction equipment manufacturer.

CTFleet Link® is a complete fleet management solution that allows customers to access a live online portal to monitor not only the performance and location of their Hitachi equipment, from ZX-5 through to the latest ZX-7 excavators, but also that of other manufacturers in their fleet.

Users can have visibility of all their plant and equipment in one place with one log in. The CTFleet Link® telematics system utilises both the Hitachi Application Programming Interface, (API) from Global E Service and a bespoke API developed by HCMUK which allows almost real time data collection.

Working closely with HCMUK have been Xwatch Safety Solutions, a company committed to meeting the growing demands of site and data management safety in the construction and rail industry, using their comprehensive Height, Slew and Rated Capacity Indication solutions.

Working collaboratively with Xwatch, HCMUK’s CTFleet Link® now has the unique capability of being able to deliver data into the CTFleet Link® portal from any Xwatch Safety Solutions system fitted to the machine, when paired with HCMUK’s CTFleet Link® telematics device.

Commenting on this innovative new platform Stephen Creaser, Director of Product Support at HCMUK said: “CTFleet Link® is unique in the industry due to the high frequency of its reporting, and its ability to show both ISO15143-3 operational data – such as idling time and fuel usage. Future developments will include, monitoring safety data, such as seatbelt and proximity alarms, safety cameras and data from 3D machine control systems.”

Dan Leaney, Xwatch Director of Sales and Operations commented on the collaboration, he said, “Xwatch were very proud to be part of the development of the mixed fleet platform that enables Hitachi to offer a system that is unique to the marketplace, that not only reads the machine data, but reads the Xwatch solution for safety.

Future developments on CTFleet Link® will also incorporate an operator daily walkaround inspection app. This is designed to assist machine operators to carry out their daily checks using their smartphone to generate a daily pre work report. Once complete the electronic report is submitted to the office enabling any safety related defects to be immediately highlighted and actioned accordingly.

Further information on CTFleet Link® can be found on our website.

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