With the introduction of the 445/95R25 TB576 174F Triangle Tyre has completed the upgrade of its mobile crane tire line-up from the TB586 to the state-of-the-art TB576.

From April 2022 Triangle’s distributors will be able to order the newly launched size in the range.

TB576 pattern will be then offered in the top three mobile crane tire sizes, covering 95% of the European mobile crane tire demand.

The newly introduced size 445/95R25 174Fcomplements the 525/80R25 176F and 385/95R25 170F, which were already introduced respectively in 2020 and 2021.

The Triangle TB576 tread pattern has been designed having in mind the needs of a modern mobile crane fleet. The straight reinforced rib design allows excellent handling characteristics, a high level of driving comfort and improved fuel efficiency at high speed.

The grooves of the tread are protected with stepped stone ejectors which allow the tire to self-clean trapped stones collected at rough terrain construction sites.

The heavy-duty casing design and innovative tread design will help to limit breakdowns to a minimum.

The closed shoulder design has been conceived to have an even tread wear and a higher mileage performance. On top of this, it also helps protecting the tire from external aggression on rough terrain.

TB576 in the size 445/95R25 174F will support mobile crane fleets throughout Europe to perform their heavy lifting jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

The new size will be available from April 2022.

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