From high resistance to lateral shock absorption, many are the advantages of the aramid-belted products by BKT, which are designed for a wide variety of uses

Conventional tires are conceived to operate mainly on uneven grounds thanks to the resistance of their structure. This is indeed the main reason why they are chosen, in addition to their high ability lateral shock absorbing capacity.

Yet, are there solutions that are capable of making the product even more resistant, especially if used for the heaviest applications? The answer is; ‘yes’ – aramid-belted tires.

How do aramid belts work?

A conventional tire can feature aramid belts: a simple, but advantageous and likewise particularly effective solution that guarantees greater puncture resistance.

Aramid is made up of a high-density fiber used to reinforce mechanical structures in the aeronautical field, for instance, or for the production of fireproof clothing. Aramid belts extraordinarily combine high tensile strength with lightness. To better understand these properties, just consider that an aramid belt of the same weight as a steel belt is five times stronger.

However, BKT has taken a further step forward in order to obtain an even better performance in terms of cut-and-chip resistance.In this light, it has also created an “HD” (Heavy-Duty) version, which in addition to the aramid belts is also made of a specially designed compound for the most challenging situations.

The aramid-belted solutions by BKT

Aware of the great advantages offered by aramid-belted tires, BKT proposes innovative aramid-belted solutions for various conventional tires. Not only do these provide an extraordinary resistance to wear, but also excellentlateral shock absorbing capacities, thus offering products that satisfy user demands.

Many are the patterns proposed by BKT suitable to suit a wide variety of applications, ranging from agricultural to industrial operations, including also the construction sector. Thanks to the both extensive and specific offer, BKT is able to respond to each user need with a perfect, efficient and high-quality product. In fact, BKT knows well that every job is unique and needs a tailor-made product planned down to the smallest detail. For this reason, BKT has thought of all possible applications.

There are two aramid-belted BKT solutions designed foragro-industrial products and also available as “HD” version. The first, designed for telehandlers in handling operations, is AS 504, a product that stands out for excellent self-cleaning properties and enhanced grip. The second, perfect for soil tillage and transport applications with 2WD/2RM tractors and agricultural implements, is MULTI RIB, a tire with exceptional maneuverability.

For harvesting– one of the most important and delicate farming applications, in which tires are subject to a high risk of punctures – BKT offers manifold solutions. For harvesting operations and combined harvesters, thearamid-beltedand “HD” version of TR 137guarantees better puncture resistance and protection against all the typical damages of this application; for agricultural implements and hay harvesting and baling machinery as well as equipment for sugarcane plantations, the versatile and perfect tire, available also as “HD” version, is TR 882; for hay harvesters and balers, tankers and trailers, instead, the ideal solution both on and off the road is FLOTATION 558providing high load capacity and excellent traction.

For transport operations, BKT offers three different solutions: RIB 774 (A),a low-section tire that is perfect for agricultural implements with high load capacity;AW 726, a trailer tire with a distinct block pattern; and ST 180designed for both trailers and agricultural implements features outstanding wear resistance.

For compact utility tractors used in municipal and maintenance applications, the ideal aramid-beltedtire providing excellent traction is AT 316.

For lawn and garden applications, and grassland maintenance, users are spoilt for choice.

Ideal for mowers, BKT proposesLG 306and LG SMOOTH, while for small tractors mowers, LG 408andLG RIBare perfect. For golf cart applications, however, the best solution is GF 304ensuring maximum comfort and excellent turf protection.

Moreover, in the industrial field, it is possible to choose three different products intended for heavy loading and unloading operations: BK-LOADER 53, particularly suitable for loaders in recycling operations;EM 937 E3 (L), designed for loaders and backhoe loaders in digging and loading applications; XL GRIP (BHL),perfect for backhoe loaders in heavy-duty digging, grading, and loading applications.

Finally, in the construction sector, the aramid-belted solution offered by BKT is XL GRIP (L3), a cross-ply tire designed for loaders in heavy-load applications.

 In a nutshell, BKT supplies the right tire for each operation: different solutions for the manifold and most varying user needs. This is why the brand is constantly working to expand its range of tires, which today comprises more than 3,200 products.

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