– L75 and L85 updated with features from the Top-of-the-Range L95 –

In 2021, Bobcat launched the company’s first compact wheel loader (CWL), the L85. In 2022, the company added the L75 value model and in 2023, Bobcat launched its top-of-the-range premium model, the L95.

As part of Bobcat’s continuous improvement programme based on customer feedback, the company has announced annual updates for the L75 and L85 for model year 2024, allowing owners of the latest versions of these machines to benefit from some of the advanced features that were introduced last year on the L95.

Award-Winning Wheel Loaders

The Bobcat compact wheel loader range continues to win awards. The L85 was announced as a Product discipline winner in the 2021 edition of the world-renowned iF Design Awards. In September last year, the L75 and L85 won in the Product Design category in the international BIG SEE awards promoting unique and original creative achievements.

With the award-winning designs of all three models, Bobcat has ensured that they share the same high level of standard features, providing high operator comfort and ease-of-operation, including:

  • Heated cab designed around the operator
  • Joystick integrated with the suspension seat
  • Steering wheel adjustable in two directions
  • Key ignition with quick Start-Stop
  • Automatic parking brake to automatically engage and disengage, as required
  • 5-inch digital screen with machine’s vital information managed via the jog shuttle control

New features on the L75 and L85 (2024 model year)

 Power Bob-Tach (NEW) – factory option for L85

This provides a high-performing Bobcat attachment connection for applications in which maximum capacity for load and carry by bucket and pallet fork is not as important as connectivity to multiple Bob-Tach compliant attachments shared on the same job site with Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loaders.

 Heated Air Suspension Cloth Seat (NEW) – factory option

The cab seat now offers a higher back rest with a head rest, together with air suspension set-up, lockable floating and left-hand adjustable arm rest, providing a new level of operator comfort on the L75 and L85. The cloth surface of the seat with heating added improves the operator’s comfort all year round − in both cold and hot weather. The seat also includes a sensor to indicate operator presence and to enhance safety (by inactivating auxiliary flow).

Advanced Attachment Control (Improved) – standard configuration in L85 / factory option in L75

Bobcat has improved the advanced attachment system by adding new features that make the operator’s life easier. The new flex-drive feature allows the operator to change the engine’s RPM by manual throttle, independently from the foot throttle, at any time during operation. With this change, Bobcat has also provided auto-idle functionality when the machine is not in use for four seconds to reduce fuel consumption.

Automatic Ride Control (Improved) – factory option

To further enhance driving comfort at higher speed as well as with higher loads, Bobcat has improved this feature to meet customer expectations based on their feedback. The automatically activated loader boom suspension improves the operator’s comfort and helps protect the transported material from spillage when driving with a bucket or pallet forks. There is also more stability while moving up and down with a load/weight. Display logic has also been updated to indicate ride control activation-inactivation status.

High Flow (Improved) – factory option

This industry-unique feature adapted from other Bobcat loaders brings a 100 l/min flow to run high-flow attachments, such as snow blowers and planers. To further improve high flow attachment performance, Bobcat has increased the pressure from 200 to 225 bar. With this change, Bobcat has also reduced by 50% the time for automatic derate, set to protect hydraulic components when the machine is cold.

Joystick Control (Improved) – standard configuration

Based on customer feedback, Bobcat has improved the forward-reverse response time, together with improved lift and tilt multi-functionality to enhance productivity and operating experience. Machines already in the field can be updated simply by downloading new software – this is another Bobcat competitive advantage.

Left-hand Arm Rest Upgrade for Suspension Seat (NEW) – Aftermarket orderable item

For greater seating comfort and left hand support. To update the current suspension seat in the field, this feature is offered via the Aftermarket services from Bobcat.

For more information about Bobcat and Bobcat products, visit the website www.bobcat.com

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