DEVELON Aims for Maximum Impact at Intermat 2024


Innovation & Sustainability Core Themes of Develon Stand Display

– Presenting new industry-leading machine and digital technologies –

DEVELON, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, will make its first appearance at the 2024 edition of the Intermat Exhibition from 24 to 27 April 2024 in Paris, France. The Develon stand is certain to make a big impact with an industry-leading display of new state-of-the-art machine and digital technologies being seen for the first time at Intermat.

 This includes the first demonstration of Develon’s much-heralded Concept-X 2.0 remotely controlled (autonomous) construction equipment solution in Europe, involving the stars of the show – the leading edge DD100-CX autonomous dozer and DX225-CX autonomous crawler excavator.

Bringing both static display and demonstration sections together for the first time in the outside area of the Intermat show, the Develon stand is a two-tier booth covering an area of 2.024 m²​​. Develon is showing the following products at the show: 

STATIC                                                                                    DEMONSTRATION

DTL35-7 Compact Track Loader                                                DA30-7 Articulated Dump Truck

DD130-7 Compact Dozer                                                           DX100WR-7 Wheeled Mini-Excavator

DL80TL-7 Compact Wheel Loader                                              DL420CVT-7 Wheel Loader

DX10Z-7 / DX17Z-7 / DX27Z-7 / DX85R-7 Mini-Excavators         CONCEPT-X 2.0 Cabless Dozer

DX20ZE / 14W-EREV / DL250-FCEV Zero Emission                   CONCEPT-X 2.0 Cabless Excavator

DX230WMH-7 Material Handler

DX530LC-7K Crawler Excavator

 The stand has been designed around four pillars – Carbon Reduction, Going Green, Compact, and Innovation, with the main focus centred around new innovative machines and technologies that support carbon reduction and wider sustainability to address the world climate crisis.

 Carbon Reduction
The Develon stand at Intermat will show new solutions for carbon reduction in construction, covering both zero emission and reduced emission technologies.

Zero Emission Solutions (Future Energies Area)
Being premiered at Intermat, the DX20ZE Mini-Excavator is the first mass-produced electric-powered excavator manufactured by Develon. This 2 tonne excavator combines low-noise and zero emissions with the features and performance enhancements that are found on the next generation DX-7 Series family of mini-excavators.

Alongside the DX20ZE at Intermat will be the 14W-EREV electric concept vehicle, the most advanced, state-of-the-art machine of its kind. This electric wheeled excavator is designed with a regenerating drive system (eDrive), advanced swing system (eSwing) and eWorking systems to ensure maximum efficiency with zero emissions.

Completing this Future Energies Area of the display will be the DL250-FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) which has a versatile, single platform design that allows it to be equipped with a fuel cell powerpack running on hydrogen, but offers the ability to transition to a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) by installing a battery pack.

Reduced Emission Solutions
Develon will also be showing a number of reduced emission solutions based on fuel saving technologies and the use of bio-fuels such as HVO and GTL.

The fuel-saving technologies include the first appearance at Intermat in the Demonstration area of the company’s Concept-X 2.0 DD100-CX cabless dozer and DX225-CX cabless crawler excavator. Another fuel saving system on show at Intermat is the 3D-control being used to operate the Concept-X 2.0 excavator and dozer and for the DD130-7 dozer and DX85R-7 mini-excavator.

Significant fuel savings are available via the CVT transmission in Develon’s DL420CVT-7 wheel loader model, which will be in the demonstration area of the stand, equipped with the unique ‘Transparent Bucket’ safety system, also being shown at Intermat for the first time. The Transparent Bucket is the first safety system of its type to provide a solution to prevent the danger of blind spots in front of the buckets of wheel loaders.

An additional fuel saving feature offered by Develon is the Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) hydraulic system (D-ECOPOWER) being shown on the latest version of the DX530LC-7K 53 tonne crawler excavator in the static display.

Another fuel saving solution on show at Intermat is Full Electric Hydraulic (FEH) technology, which is similar to the D-ECOPOWER VBO system and is in effect, a VBO system without pilot pressure lines. The FEH system will be installed on the Concept-X 2.0 cabless excavator at Intermat.

Going Green
The Going Green pillar underpinning the Develon stand at Intermat showcases the company’s positioning as the industry’s ‘green’ partner of choice for customers.

This is supported by the introduction of identification labels on machines, providing clear communication of their green credentials [such as HVO (Green diesel) compatibility; Bio-oil filled, etc]. It also encompasses Contamination Control offered by Develon with biologic/organic oil provided from the assembly line.

Under the Going Green banner, the Develon stand will demonstrate the compatibility of the company’s machinery for use with HVO and Gas To Liquid (GTL) diesel.

A large area of the static display section will be dedicated to Develon’s new range of compact equipment, much of which will be shown for the first time at Intermat. This will include the new DTL35-7, the company’s first compact track loader model. The DTL35-7 boasts impressive features that set it apart from its competitors. Visitors will also see Develon’s new DD130-7 dozer model for the first time, offering a wide range of features providing a productive fine-grading solution for residential and light commercial construction projects.

New Develon mini-excavators being shown for the first time at Intermat include the DX10Z-7 1.16 tonne, DX17Z-7 1.85 tonne, DX27Z-7 2.8 tonne and DX85R-7 8 tonne models. All the new models offer increased performance, optimum stability, additional versatility, enhanced operator comfort, controllability, durability, ease of maintenance and serviceability.

Another compact machine from Develon at Intermat is the DX100WR-7 10.7 tonne wheeled mini-excavator, again being shown for the first time at the show in the Demonstration area on the stand and will be equipped with a tiltrotator.

The Develon display of compact equipment will also include the DL80TL-7 compact wheel loader being shown for the first time at Intermat, part of a five model range of 3.5 to 5 tonne compact wheel loaders.

The Innovation theme covers the new line-ups of electric and hydrogen powered machines including the DX20ZE, DL250-FCEV and 14W-EREV machines and the innovative Transparent Bucket system. It also covers digital technologies being displayed on screens and monitors in the main building on the stand such as the Develon Smart Quarry, Develon DXP digital platform and Develon Fleet Management systems.

The Smart Quarry Solution integrates all the business processes involved in running a quarry business, from order taking to sales using ICT technology to manage the site and increase productivity with minimal cost and time.

Develon will also be promoting the latest version of the company’s Develon Fleet Management state-of-art wireless fleet monitoring system, specifically designed for the Develon range. Providing comprehensive information about machine performance in a dual mode (satellite, Mobile network), this telematics system offers a web-based fleet and asset management solution which is very useful for managing the performance and security of machines and promoting preventative maintenance.

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