Euro Auction, Leeds – ‘on-line’ sale doubles interest and activity from bidders and buyers as the market shows an appetite for pre-owned machinery


Euro Auctions permanent auction site in Leeds is Europe’s largest sales arena for the sale of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and industrial plant. The sale held between 20th and 23rdMay was conducted online due to Covid-19 and attracted the biggest audience of first time bidders in Euro Auctions recent history, showing a true appetite for good used equipment and machinery.

With close to 4,200 lots of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and industrial plant for sale, Euro Auctions proceeded with its Covid-19 ‘lock down’ format and engineered the most surprising result in recent years.

The Covid-19 formula adopted by Euro Auctions entails running an ‘on-line’ auction, behind closed doors, with video clips of all lots for sale running on the Euro Auctions online sales platform, with the sale conducted in ‘real time’ by a team of ‘live’ auctioneers operating from the Euro Auctions HQ in Ohio, USA.

With 4,200 lots for sale and a hammer total of £35.5 million, prices were strong, and interest was intense. The number of bidder accounts showed a 100% increase over the same sale in May 2019, however it was the first-time bidder numbers that were unprecedented. Over the sale in May 2019, the first-time bidders increased five-fold with first time registrations who bought up by 45% and the total of first time buyers up by over 90%. All Euro Auctions sales are unreserved, and when the hammer went down, all 4,200 lots were sold, with prices strong, and clearly a great deal of interest from eager bidders.

Jonnie Keys, Euro Auctions Operations Manager comments “The increase in first time bidders at this sale was unprecedented. In our minds this confirms that there is a great appetite for used equipment in the UK and across Europe right now, with OEMs stopping manufacturing, with names like JCB and Caterpillar noticeable front runners in the factory shut down in the sector. If users are replacing their fleets, or buying for projects, the current activity shows auctions are a good place to attend for that one-stop shopping experience.”

“We also believe that the new facility that we have built at Leeds, whilst being the biggest permanent sales arena in Europe, and possibly one of the biggest in the world outside of the USA, gives prospective buyers phenomenal choice of equipment. That coupled with our fair and transparent pricing structure, where there are no hidden extras and with our staff really engaging with both buyers and sellers. In addition, in a time when more consignors are looking to turn iron into cash, they put their trust in Euro Auctions sell their equipment for fair money, with the funds from this sale helping to keep their businesses afloat across the UK and Europe.”

Prices were strong – notable lots sold

20 T Excavators

2017 Komatsu PC210LC-10 700mm Pads, (1,255 Hours)                                                                 £71,000

2018 Hitachi ZX250LC-6 800mm Pads, Aux. Piping, A/C, Reverse Camera (3,432 Hours)     £82,000

2014 CAT 336EL 850mm Pads, QH, Reverse Camera, A/C (4730 Hours)                                     £80,000

10 T Excavators

2014 CAT 312E 700mm Tracks, VG, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C                                  £36,000

2018 Hitachi ZX130 LCN-6 700mm Pads, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C (2,957 Hours)             £51,000

2015 Case CX130C 700mm Pads, VG, CV, QH, Piped, A/C (4625 Hours)                                      £35,000

6 T Excavator

2018 Hitachi ZX85USB-5A 450mm Rubber Block Pads, Blade, Offset, A/C (2,387 Hours)     £34,000

2015 Hitachi ZX85USB-5A 450mm Rubber Block Pads, Blade, Offset, A/C                                £30,000

2016 Doosan DX85R-3 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, (3,123 Hours)                 £28,000

Mini Diggers

2018 CAT 305E2CR Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, (1,458 Hours)                      £28,000

2017 Hitachi ZX55U-5ACLR Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, (2,244 Hours)      £24,000

2010 Kubota KX057-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped                                             £17,500



2014 Komatsu D65PX-17 c/w 6 Way Pat Blade, GPS Ready, A/C                                                      £72,000

2011 Komatsu D65PX-16 Straight Blade & Tilt c/w A/C, 5602 Hours                                                £57,000

2010 CAT D6N LGP c/w 6 Way Pat Blade, Reverse Camera, A/C                                                       £44,000


2014 Sandvik QS331 Tracked Cone Crusher (2101 Hrs)                                                                       £154,000

2011 Powerscreen XR400S Tracked Jaw Crusher, Mag Belt, Side Discharge Belt                        £70,000

2008 Extec C12+ Tracked Jaw Crusher                                                                                                  £60,000

Skid Steer Loader

2017 Bobcat S450 Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Full Cab, Heater, Hydraulic Angled Sweeper    £20,000

2015 JCB 135 ECO Skidsteer Loader, Piped Forks                                                                           £13,500

2009 Bobcat S185 Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Full Cab                                                                      £10,500

Back Hoe Loaders

2015 JCB 3CX P21 ECO Turbo Powershift Backhoe Loader, SRS, QH, c/w Torque Lock           £36,000

2013 JCB 3CX P21 ECO Turbo Powershift Backhoe Loader, QH, Piped, SRS c/w                          £33,500

2010 JCB 3CX P21 Turbo Powershift Sitemaster Backhoe Loader, QH, Piped                               £25,000

Wheeled Excavators

2011 Liebherr 904C LITRONIC, Stabilisers, CV, Piped, Demo Cage, Hi Rise Cab, A/C             £25,000

2012 Atlas MH350 Wheeled Material Handler, Stabilisers, CV, Piped, Hi Rise Cab, A/C         £47,000

2005 Terex 1804, Stabilisers c/w Hi Rise Cab, Demo Cage, A/C, 5 Tyne Scrap Grab£18,000


2019 JCB 540-170 c/w Joystick Control, Sway, WLI, A/C, Reverse Camera, Boom and           £38,000

2010 JCB 540-170 Turbo Powershift Telehandler c/w Joystick Controls, Reverse Camera,    £29,500

2007 Manitou MT1740 Turbo Telehandler c/w Sway, QH, WLI, Forks                                         £22,500

All Euro Auctions sites are now closed to the public and measures introduced to protect yard teams which is being continually reviewed to ensure Euro Auctions safeguards employees health and safety.




Upcoming Auctions – which will be ‘On-Line’ or ‘Timed’ sales

Euro Auctions

Zaragoza, Spain                      24th& 25thJune

Brisbane, Australia,                25thJune

Dromore, Northern Ireland     26th& 27thJune

Dubai, ME                               6thJuly

Leeds, UK                                1st, 2nd& 3rdJuly

Dormagen                               8th& 9thJuly


Upcoming Yoder & Frey sales in USA

Ohio, USA                   4thJune

Pennsylvania, USA      18thJune


Euro Auctions attracts buyers and sellers in 95 countries, with all Euro Auctions sales attracting a growing number of international machinery buyers. Full details for consignors and bidder catalogues for these events available on theEuro Auctions website at www.euroauctions.comemail info@euroauctions.comor on +44 (0) 2882 898262.

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