The ‘New Year’ used construction and agricultural machinery sale at the Euro Auctions flag ship site in Leeds, on the 24th to the 27th of January proved that quality machinery will always attract the crowds. With 6,500 lots for sale and a hammer total of £55.6 million, of which £21.7 million sold to bidders who attended on the day, showing the crowds like the live sale.

At this January, Leeds sale, the sheer volume of the visitors was instantly noticeable with this being one of the biggest crowds on record, with a significant uplift in live bidding and buying on the floor, on the day, proving the value of attending the live sale in person.

Vendor numbers continue to increase at each sale with 600 vendors sending equipment and  machinery to Leeds from 26 countries worldwide. The previous January sale in 2023 returned a hammer total of £44.24 million. This sale saw a healthy 25% increase over that sale, with a hammer of £55.6 million starting the year with a real bang.

Registered customer accounts were up 25% this January, over January 2023 as 5,900 bidders registered for this sale, of which 1,000 were new buyers registering for the first time with Euro Auctions. Such is the interest in the Euro Auctions brand, that registrations to bid and buy were received from every single country in Europe, as well as the USA, South America Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Top bidding countries were United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Romania and Spain, with the top buying countries exactly those countries in order.

Buyers from Europe represented 51% of the total sale and 45% of buyers were from the UK,  with other successful buyers coming from in order North America Africa South America Middle East Asia and the Caribbean. With such an eclectic mix of countries bidding at this sale registrations were received from 87 countries of which 59 countries were successful in buying

Chris Osborne, Territory Sales Manager for Euro Auctions reports on this sale:

“As 2024 gets underway, Leeds, January, sets the bar higher, again. This was an extraordinary sale, and the first observation was the number of attendees. All ‘sale rings’ were  packed out and I don’t think we’ve seen such a big crowd on the floor, ever.  Wednesday which invariably is a viewing day was absolutely rammed out and the mood of the crowd communicated ‘we are here to bid seriously’, and they did.”

“There was a very positive and vibrant feel to this sale, with bidding on all lots starting well and maintaining momentum over the three days of the auction. Auctioneers were opening bidding high, and bidders were jumping in, with an obvious competitive streak and bidding was fierce.”

“Many end users, contractors, and construction companies were buying, clearly for projects that were upcoming, and they were buying in multiples of machines, straight off the ramp, as opposed to single machines. This alone is a very good indicator that the market is strong, and buyers were competing for the best machines. In 2023 we were seeing a lot of machinery going out of the UK, mainly to Europe. Now our intelligence is telling us that demand in the UK is on rise.”

“In 2023 there was one clear trend. Owners were cashing in and disposing of inventory. In this sale there was a definite feel of calculated bidding, with buyers shopping for specific items to fulfil plant lists for a project or to replenish an existing fleet. These buyers were targeting ‘two-to-three-year-old’ machines and clearly buying with own use in mind. This indicates the gap between new and used plant values has widened, making the used option more attractive and buyers now see value in good fresh used equipment. The interesting conundrum is that with buyers having such an appetite for, late, low hours machines, this gives sellers the confidence that Euro Auctions can attract the right audience. With good buyers in abundance, you’ll find good vendors and that’s where good equipment comes from. With 6,000+ machines at each Leeds sale filling that yard, with serious buyers registering at each sale, this gives vendors great confidence in Euro Auctions to gain market value.”

“With rates dropping, cheaper finance is more available. This will stimulate the market across all areas and buyers still have an appetite to buy, if the cost of borrowing is more affordable.”

“So, what was plentiful? What was the market looking for? And what was Euro Auctions able to deliver? Articulated dump trucks were in demand. Dozers were evident, with  a lot of CAT machines on offer across all models. Heavy excavators in the 30 tonne plus bracket were in demand and making good money.”

As a summation as how 2024 looks following this first sale of the year, these are the high points:

  • The market was out in force with a very good keen crowd
  • Bidding was fierce and competitive
  • There were quality, fresh machines, on offer and plenty of them
  • Euro Auctions is working with all Main Dealers who have trust in us to realise best market value when clearing out stock
  • Main Dealers are sending more and more trade-in machines to Euro Auctions
  • Our sales teams are continually in the market, talking to vendors and buyers, sharing knowledge, kicking tyres and making it known that we are the premier company with the best platform on which to sell their used machinery

“This interaction in the marketplace provides our customers with confidence, in addition to enhancing our reputation and our brand, which in turn is the route to all our sales.”

Prices on the day

Mini Excavators

2022 Kubota U50-5 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                       35,000

2021 Kubota U50-5 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                       30,500

2020 Hitachi ZX55U-6 CLR Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                            28,000

2022 Volvo ECR58F Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                       35,500

2021 Volvo ECR58F Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                       33,500

2022 Kobelco SK58SRX-7 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                              31,000

2021 Kobelco SK55SRX-6E Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                            25,000

2020 Kobelco SK55SRX-6 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                              20,000

2017 Kobelco SK55SRX-6 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                              19,500

2017 Takeuchi TB250 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                    22,500

2014 CAT 305E 400mm Pads, Blade, Offset                                                                16,500

2019 JCB 57C-1 T3 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                        23,000

6 tonne Excavators

2023 Kubota KX080-4A2 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                               61,000

2021 CAT 308CR 450mm Rubber Block Pads, Blade, Offset                                       47,000

2018 CAT 308E2 CR 450mm Rubber Block Pads, Blade, Offset                                  28,500

2021 Hitachi ZX85USB-6 450mm Rubber Block Pads, Blade                                      44,500

2021 Komatsu PC80MR-5E0 Rubber Tracks, Blade                                                    35,500

2021 Volvo ECR88D Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                      45,000

2021 Sany SY80 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                             31,000

2019 Bobcat E85 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                           37,000

2019 Volvo ECR88D Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                      35,000

2010 Kubota KX080-3 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset                                                   27,000

10 tonne excavators

2021 Hitachi ZX130LCN-6 700mm Pads                                                                     51,500

2020 Hitachi ZX130LCN-6 700mm Pads                                                                     46,000

2019 Hitachi ZX135US-6 700mm Pads                                                                       40,000

2018 Hitachi ZX135US-6 700mm Pads, Blade                                                            45,000

2021 Komatsu PC138US-11 600mm Pads, Blade                                                       65,000

2021 Komatsu PC138US-11 700mm Pads                                                                  53,500

2022 JCB 140XL 700mm Pads                                                                                     57,000

2021 JCB 140XL 700mm Pads                                                                                     49,000

2020 JCB 140X LC 700mm Pads                                                                                  32,000

2020 Kobelco SK140SRLC-7 700mm Pads                                                                  49,500

2020 Doosan DX140LC-5 700mm Pads                                                                       31,500

2019 Doosan DX140LC-5 700mm Pads, Blade                                                           33,000

20 tonne Excavators

2016 Liebherr R956 HD 600mm Pads                                                                         50,000

2018 Hitachi ZX490LCH-6 750mm Pads                                                                      135,000

2019 Hyundai HX430L 600mm Pads                                                                           60,000

2015 Liebherr R946LC 600mm Pads                                                                           52,000

2018 CAT 336 700mm Pads                                                                                        105,000

2018 Volvo EC380EL 600mm Pads                                                                              99,000

2015 Hyundai Robex R380LC-9A 700mm Pads                                                          41,000

2015 Liebherr R936LC 750mm Pads                                                                           50,000

2018 Volvo EC300EL 700mm Pads                                                                              65,000


2019 CAT D6T LGP Straight Blade & Tilt, Reverse Camera, GPS Ready                       109,000

2018 CAT D6T LGP 6 Way Pat Blade, Reverse Camera, A/C                                        140,000

2016 CAT D6T LGP Straight Blade & Tilt, Reverse Camera, A/C                                 102,000

2013 Komatsu D65PX-17 Straight Blade & Tilt, Topcon GX-60 GPS                            55,500

2014 Komatsu D39PXI-23 6 Way Pat Blade, Reverse Camera, A/C                            31,500

2018 Komatsu D37PX-24 6 Way Pat Blade, Reverse Camera, A/C                             62,000

Backhoe Loaders

2022 JCB 3CX P21 ECO Turbo Powershift Sitemaster Backhoe Loader                      60,000

2020 JCB 3CX P21 ECO Turbo Powershift Contractor Backhoe Loader                      52,000

2018 JCB 3CX P21 ECO Turbo Powershift Contractor Backhoe Loader                      39,000

2017 JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe Loader, QH, Piped, SRS (Reg. Docs. Available)       29,000

2021 Hidromek HMK62SS Compact Backhoe Loader, Piped, A/C, Bucket & Forks    34,500

2019 CAT 432F2 Turbo Backhoe Loader, QH, Piped, A/C, Bucket & Forks                 59,000

2022 Hidromek HMK62T Tracked Backhoe Loader, 4in1 Bucket, Forks                     41,000

2014 JCB 2CX Turbo Streetmaster Backhoe Loader, QH, Piped, SRS                          22,500



2011 Merlo 38.14 ROTO Turbo Roto Telehandler, Stabilisers, Joystick Controls        36,000

2019 JCB 540-200 Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Sway                53,000

2018 JCB 540-180 Hi Viz Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Sway, Fork Positioner         42,000

2013 Manitou MT1840 Turbo Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Sway                          31,000

2023 JCB 540-170 Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Sway                76,000

2021 JCB 540-170 Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Sway                53,000

2014 JCB 540-170 Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Sway                36,500

2019 JCB 540-140 Hi Viz Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Sway, WLI                           8,500

2016 JCB 535-125 Hi Viz Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Reverse Camera                 22,000

2015 Manitou MLT845-120  Turbo Telehandler, Joystick Controls, QH, WLI, Forks   20,500

2012 Merlo P55.9CS Telehandler, Joystick Controls, PUH, WLI, A/C, Bucket             21,500

2019 JCB 542-70 Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Joystick Controls                             39,500

Upcoming Auctions in 2024

Register for upcoming sales with Euro Auction & Yoder & Frey & Michener Allen

Yoder & Frey                Florida, USA                                        Feb 14th-16th, 2024

Euro Auctions              Brisbane, Australia – Live Online         22nd February 2024

Euro Auctions              Dromore, Northern Ireland                23rd & 24th February 2024

Euro Auctions              Zaragoza, Spain                                   27th & 28th February 2024

Yoder & Frey               Ohio, USA                                            February 29th 2024

Euro Auctions             CP Hire, Bristol, UK                             29th Feb & 1st March 2024

Euro Auctions             Abu Dhabi, Middle East                      4th & 7th March 2024

Euro Auctions              Leeds, UK                                            6th,7th,8th & 9th March 2024

Yoder & Frey               Houston, USA                                      7th March 2024

Full details for consignors and bidder catalogues for all sales are available on the Euro Auctions website at email

Telephone +44 (0) 2882 898262.

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