Guaranteed “Silent Night” running with Trime Hybrid Lithium X-Eco LED lighting towers.


Introducing the revolutionary “Silent Night” experience with our new Trime X-ECO Hybrid lighting towers, now available in stock at Glendun Plant Sales. These cutting-edge lighting towers guarantee an uninterrupted “Silent Night” powered by Trime Hybrid Lithium X-Eco LED technology, setting a new standard in eco-friendly illumination.

The Trime X-ECO Hybrid lighting tower stands as the epitome of environmentally conscious lighting solutions. Boasting an impressive 11 hours of continuous run time on its Lithium battery, it ensures sustained performance. The tower’s engine requires only 3.5 hours for a full recharge, optimizing efficiency.

Equipped with a powerful array of features, including a 6 x 100w LED mast, a 230v 16a external charging plug, and the convenience of light sensor or timer starting, this lighting tower takes efficiency and innovation to new heights.

For further details on these smart lighting solutions, we invite you to contact us at our office number 004428 8772 3205 or reach out via email at Illuminate your projects with the brilliance of Trime X-ECO Hybrid lighting towers – the future of eco-friendly and efficient lighting.

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