L45H and L50H now offered with high-speed driveline

With the tractive power selector, the high-speed machine delivers the right traction for the right situation. The intelligent function gives operators a choice of 5 modes to adjust tractive force to suit the prevailing ground conditions. The result is less wheel spin, reduced tire wear and lower fuel consumption. An optional speed limiter is also available which will reduce vehicle speed when operating in a selected drive mode and gear, without losing tractive force.

Offering speeds of up to 50km per hour where conditions allow, a new high-speed driveline option for Volvo’s popular utility wheel loaders means productivity just got fast-tracked.


Ever feel like the pace of life is getting faster? Well that’s certainly the case with Volvo’s L45H and L50H wheel loaders. A new high-speed driveline option is now offered for these popular machines, which sees top speed more than doubled – from 20km/h (12mph) to 50km/h (31mph) compared to the standard driveline.


Why would a faster driveline be needed? Well, these machines often find themselves travelling long distances between jobsites, where the normal transmission is slow and the alternative of transporting them by truck gets expensive. Some applications – like snow clearing or load and carry – could also benefit from having a higher operating speed. Cycle times can be significantly cut, thereby boosting productivity.


Drive mode selector

With three driveline speeds now available (there is also an intermediate driveline that boosts speeds up to 30km/h), customers can choose the option that best suits their needs and applications. The high-speed machine doesn’t only travel fast though – thanks to a drive mode selector the operator can adjust driveline behavior to match the work being undertaken.


Believed to be a unique feature on this type of machine, operators can choose between Work, Transport, Comfort or Eco modes. No matter what the application – materials handling with forks, truck loading, road sweeping or general load & carry tasks – there is a work mode suited to the activity, boosting productivity and operability, as well as reducing costs.


In addition to the multi-mode drive feature, a tractive power selector gives operators a choice of five settings that adjust the tractive force to suit ground conditions. What this means in practice is less wheel spin, as well as reduced tire wear and fuel consumption. An optional speed limiter controls maximum speed without losing tractive force.



With three driveline options available, Volvo CE’s ever-popular L45H and L50H wheel loaders just got even more tailored to customers’ specific application needs.




Key specifications:

Model L45H L50H
Engine Volvo D4J Volvo D4J
Engine gross power kW 75 87
Engine gross power hp(imp) 100.5 116.7
Max. torque ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net N m 416 466
Max. torque ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net Ft lb 306.8 343.7
Bucket capacity m3 1.4 1.6
Bucket capacity y3 1.83 2.1
Tipping load, straight (ISO/DIS 14397-1) kg 6 220 6 560
Tipping load, straight (ISO/DIS 14397-1) lb 13,712 14,462
Tipping load, full turn (ISO/DIS 14397-1) kg 5 500 5 810
Tipping load, full turn (ISO/DIS 14397-1) lb 12,125 12,809
Full turn angle 40° 40°
Breakout force kN 66 72
Breakout force lbf 13,938 15,512
Hydraulic lifting capacity, max. kN 74 86.5
Hydraulic lifting capacity, max. lbf 15,737 19,333
Fork payload 80% (EN 474-3) kg 3 730 3 840
Fork payload 80% (EN 474-3) lb 8,223 8,466
Operating weight kg 9 100 9 800
Operating weight lb 20,062 21,605
Customized travel speed km/h 20/30/40 20/30/40
Customized travel speed mph 12.4/18.6/25.8 12.4/18.6/25.8
Maximum travel speed – High speed km/h 45 50
Maximum travel speed – High speed mph 26 31

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