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How to turn your telescopic handler into a real crusher


Having only one option is not an option. This quote could not be more true when talking about urban construction jobs. It is on these sites that telehandlers have seen growing popularity, they are rapidly becoming a solid choice for getting work done in tight urban areas because contractors see the benefits these multi-purpose machines can offer.


Lift. Move. Place. Crush. Sift.

Pretty simple really, the ‘’zoom boom’’ can be used as a work platform or as a mini-crane to lift loads, to move and place materials ranging from bricks and gravel to lumber and it can also fit MB Crusher attachments and become a jaw crusher to reduce rocks or debris lying around or a screener to sift resides material and clean up the site.

Telehandlers are purpose-built for material handling. But why limit the possibilities when by plugging in an MB Crusher attachment to the hydraulic system you can extend the duties that can be carried out by just one machine and one operator.

What makes telescopic handlers a great companion of the MB’s Crusher unit is the operators choice. When equipped they can serve as substitutes for backhoe loaders,  and together they can guarantee better mobility and less expensive performances.
Hence, connecting a telescopic handler with an MB Crusher attached is the winning choice, so let’s see which type of units can be mounted.
MB-L line these attachments will transform the telehandler into a jaw crusher. Four models to choose from and the carrier will scoop up debris, rocks, bricks and concrete and crush all rubbles into valuable backfill material. Yes, the same telehandler used to move material around will also begin to produce aggregates with ease.

MB-HDS four different models will change a telehandler into a machine able to select and reduce a multitude of materials. From excavated soil to demolition debris, twigs, bark plasterboards, whatever is present at the site can be re-purposed immediately.The innovation of this line is how effortless the rotating shafts can be changed at the site. With one HDS unit and different rotating shafts, the telehandler can be considered a multi-purpose system able to process a high- quantity of materials.

MB-LS two rotary screening buckets that will be ideal when precision is needed, nothing bigger than the size of the hole will pass through. The chosen grid size can be changed at the site by unscrewing a few bolts.

Incrementing your possibilities could not be easier, just equip your telehandler with an MB Crusher unit and open new job opportunities, grow your business, it will be easy and worth it.


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