New DEVELON Excavator Working on Murcia-Almería High Speed Rail

Transformaciones y Embalses Parra, a company based in Almería in Spain, has just purchased a DEVELON DX300LC-7 30 tonne Stage V crawler excavator. This company belongs to the Parra Group, dedicated to the construction of public works and engineering specialized in large projects and infrastructure, in agricultural transformation, as well as in renewables and with a wide international portfolio.

Lower Fuel Consumption, Higher Digging Speed and Great Stability

The Develon DX300LC-7 excavator has been carrying out excavation tasks in irrigation reservoirs on large farms. Though it is currently carrying out work on the Murcia-Almería high speed rail project. This work is expected to last two years and the machine is used for eight hours a day. In total, the work has eight sections and one underground in Murcia. It is a multi-billion euro project that will link travellers and goods with the Pyrenees through the Mediterranean Corridor.

The DX300LC-7 crawler excavator is carrying out loading tasks, earthworks, trenching for road construction and slope profiling along the entire length of the line.

Jerónimo Parra, President of the Parra Group, said: “We have just incorporated the Develon DX300LC-7 excavator into this great work. Previously, this work was carried out with other similar machines from another brand, and the benefit that it has brought us and that we value above all is the lower fuel consumption of the DX300LC-7, compared to other machines with the same characteristics. I would also highlight its comfort, ergonomics and the great stability it provides, thus giving greater peace of mind when working long days.

“Another aspect that the operators who are using it talk about is that it is easy to handle, very fast in its cycles, very sensitive and precise, and this provides security. In terms of the performance of this model. I would also highlight the good reach, its power and the speed in excavation. But the biggest advantage and a great benefit for us is, as I just mentioned, the fuel savings.”

According to Jerónimo Parra, the company selected this Develon model because it has the ideal size to carry out work in both civil and public works. It has great power, is very durable and versatile, is easy to transport and has exceptional work performance. Another reason for choosing it was the good reputation the Develon range has, along with the good sales and aftersales service in the area from local Develon dealer, De Haro Mañas, with the support of national importer, Centrocar.

He added: “We already had a Develon DX255LC-5 excavator, acquired in 2017, which I would highlight for its reliability and again its low fuel consumption. We use it mainly in civil works and in preparing land for agriculture.”

Comfort Combined with Robustness

Jerónimo Parra continued: “Our overall rating of the Develon DX300LC-7 excavator is excellent.

The cab has very good visibility and is really comfortable, due to its ample space and ergonomics. It offers more standard features than other machines on the market, ensuring superior controllability and high precision in all applications.”

The 360° cameras installed as standard offer full visibility around the excavator and allow the operator to have a bird’s eye view of the outside of the machine. There is an 8-inch colour touch LCD control panel providing all the necessary information for the operator.

This is a robust machine. It also comes standard with the advanced Develon Fleet Management monitoring system, an Internet-based telematics solution that is useful for monitoring machine performance and safety, as well as promoting preventative maintenance.

Complete Confidence in the local Develon Dealer

De Haro Mañas has been in the market for 29 years, acting as a link between Transformaciones y Embalses Parra and Develon; a historical relationship, since they have been clients all that time. This has fostered complete trust and a very good relationship.

Eduardo de Haro, head of De Haro Mañas highlights: “For me the fact that a Develon DX300LC-7 excavator goes to work with such efficiency, in a project as important as the Murcia-Almería AVE, is a source of special pride. It is undoubtedly works of this type, in which Develon makes the difference.”

Photo caption: from left to right, Diego de Haro (Manager De Haro Mañas), Eduardo de Haro (Head of De Haro Mañas), Luis Parra (Head of Machinery at Grupo Parra) and Jerónimo Parra (President of Grupo Parra)

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