Pioneering Future Mobile Work Machine Event Comes to Tampere


Pioneering Future Mobile Work Machine Event Comes to Tampere

On the 28th and 29th of May 2024, Tampere is set to transform into a global innovation hub as it hosts the Future Mobile Work Machine event – a ground-breaking assembly exploring the future of non-road mobile machines. This prestigious event is set to chart the course for the future of mobile machinery, covering key topics such as sustainability and how the industry is expected to transform over the next decade.

Tampere to become epicentre of global innovation in 2024

Featuring world-renowned speakers, cutting-edge technology exhibits, and hands-on experiences with state-of-the-art equipment, this event will offer a unique glimpse into the future of industry.

The event will provide a unique platform for dialogue among leading mobile work machine builders and technology developers, all under the roof of the prestigious Tampere Hall, the largest congress centre in the Nordic region. Industry leaders that will be involved in the event include the Sandvik Group.

Heini Wallander, Team Leader at Business Tampere’s Industrial Excellence department, said “FMWM 2024 represents a truly fantastic opportunity to meet key individuals responsible for product development and research in significant companies within the mobile work machines industry! Based on previous years’ experiences, we anticipate a high-quality and diverse group of participants.”

Tampere is home to one of Europe’s most significant concentrations of manufacturers of mobile work machines. Expertise within the sector continues to flourish via groups such as FIMA (Forum for Intelligent Machines), a network of intelligent machine manufacturers, expert companies, system integrators and research institutes.

Themes to include sustainability and future mobile machinery trends

Four main topics will be discussed at next year’s event. The first involves the transformation of the industry over the next decade. Speakers will also discuss the importance of collaborative foresight and active influencing in the operational environment, and the growing significance of autonomy and cyber security in the workplace.

Sustainability will be another critical topic, including its intersections with electrification, decarbonisation and data analytics. Looking to the future, the event will also examine how the sector can keep attracting future talent and how to identify and cultivate new critical competences in engineering and academic research.

Beyond productive discussions and panel talks on these topics, the event will include hands-on experiences including simulations and demos in equipment from the cluster companies in the exhibition arena.

SIX: Driving digital and sustainable growth

SIX, which stands for Sustainable Industry X, is a Finnish industry-driven initiative with the goal of digitising and promoting sustainable growth in technology, and putting it into practice. Operating from a strategic level and all the way down to the factory floors, SIX equips industries with the tools for implementation guided by national-level agendas.

Already boasting an expansive and advanced range of mobile machine companies, this event will showcase Finland’s state-of-the-art technology, underscoring their goal to emerge as international leaders in mobile work machine technology.

Working on this project in conjunction with Tamlink, Tampere University and Business Finland, Business Tampere and SIX believe that the drivers of shared innovation and knowledge are essential progressors of green transition and digitalisation.

For further information on the Future Mobile Work Machine, and to register to attend, please visit:

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