Global equipment reseller Uriquip now has the capacity to sell and auction machines online, powered by an advanced digital marketplace platform.

Uri Toudjarov, the veteran industry leader known for his senior roles at leading OEMs Terex, Zoomlion and BIGGE, has launched an all-new digital marketplace as his latest equipment trading venture – Uriquip. The platform facilitates the trading of heavy machinery and construction equipment on a global scale. Coupled with Toudjarov’s extensive network of contacts to the venture, the new platform streamlines the procurement process for buyers and sellers of the company’s used equipment.

The digital marketplace streamlines the sale and auction of machinery assets, offering a direct and simplified transaction process between parties. With an extensive inventory that encompasses construction equipment, cranes, and aerial work platforms, the platform enables efficient online transactions without intermediaries and for parties to connect and network directly on the platform.

It supports listings for both sales and rentals, incorporating features like virtual tours of machinery, and facilitates the organization of private auctions. This enhances the flexibility and accessibility of equipment trading, making it a comprehensive solution for users looking to buy, sell, or rent machinery with ease.

Toudjarov states, “Our digital marketplace is informed by significant industry experience, aiming to improve how equipment is traded. This platform is designed to facilitate transactions more efficiently and with a lower financial and environmental impact for all parties.”

Uriquip’s approach eliminates the costs and carbon footprint of moving equipment to physical locations for sale. (E.g. auction sites.) The machines are sold where they are based and shipped direct to the new owner. This development reflects the company’s commitment to efficient and environmentally responsible business practices.

With partnerships in 32 countries, Uriquip claims a substantial global network, especially within the crane segment. These partners support the company’s objective to meet the equipment needs of the construction, infrastructure, and industrial sectors effectively. This endeavor aligns with Uriquip’s commitment to creating the largest crane network in the world, revolutionizing access and availability on a universal scale.

The launch of the digital marketplace positions Uriquip to address the evolving demands of the global equipment trading market.

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