Heading west, Gary Ashe goes to Limerick to visit Mushroom Civil which is using a brand new Shantui DH13 C3 dozer on site with Irish Rail.

Chinese heavy equipment outfit Shantui is slowly but surely making its mark on the construction industry here in Ireland and indeed the UK. Established in 1980, Shantui has rapidly grown to become one of China’s largest and most influential construction equipment manufacturers, its dozers In particular seem to have become a very popular and cheaper alternative to some of the well-known brands.

We headed out west to Limerick to see Mushroom Civil which has acquired a brand new Shantui DH13 C3 dozer and is currently using it to prep a compound for Irish Rail through Sisk. In the world of heavy construction equipment, bulldozers are the workhorses that move earth, shape landscapes, and pave the way for large-scale projects.

Fitted out with a Topcon GPS system from Topcon Ireland and a three-blade ripper on the back, Mushroom’s new Shantui has got everything an operator would need tick the boxes on a day’s duty.

At its core lies a formidable power plant. This bulldozer is equipped with a highly efficient and reliable Cummins engine, known for its exceptional performance in heavy-duty applications. With a power output of 128 kW (170 hp), the DH 13 C3 is more than capable of tackling demanding tasks with ease.

The engine’s advanced technology not only delivers impressive power but also ensures fuel efficiency. This reduces operational costs and makes the dozer environmentally friendly by minimising emissions. It’s a testament to Shantui’s commitment to delivering powerful yet sustainable machinery.

Comfort & safety

Operator comfort and safety are paramount in the construction industry and Shantui has paid meticulous attention to these aspects in the design of the DH 13 C3 Dozer. The spacious and ergonomically designed cabin provides operators with a comfortable and fatigue-reducing environment during long working hours.

Safety is enhanced through features such as ROPS/FOPS certification, which provides protection to the operator in case of rollovers or falling debris. The cabin is equipped with an air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature, ensuring that operators can focus on their tasks without distraction.

I spoke to Mushroom Civil owner Michael O’Connor about his new acquisition and his initial thoughts on the new dozer. “We have had it for about three weeks now and we are pleasantly surprised, being a Chinese dozer, we were expecting the finish on it to be not so good and to be quite noisy but on the contrary, it is actually quieter than some of it’s well-known counterparts.

The cab is quiet and more spacious, it’s got a Cummins engine, Linde pumps and Linde drives so it seems very well finished and put together. I can’t find any faults with it.” says Michael. “And also, being roughly half the price of a Cat, it is something to be considered”.

Bought from Goff Agri and Plant sales, Michael explains a very attractive benefit of the warranty,“As long as we buy the parts from Goff, we can service the dozer itself and it won’t affect the warranty. That is saving us thousands of euros every 500 hours.” says Michael.

The DH 13 has been fitted with Topcon GPS from Topcon Ireland. “This system came directly from Topcon, the main reason for buying it was the service. The service is excellent with Topcon, any problems and the lads are out to you within an hour so we’ve a good relationship with their fitters which is important.”

The Shantui DH 13 C3 Dozer is a prime example of a versatile, high-performance bulldozer that meets the needs of construction and earthmoving professionals. With its powerful engine, precise control, versatile blade options, operator comfort, safety features, and durability, it has established itself as a dependable workhorse in the construction industry.

Whether it’s shaping landscapes, building infrastructure or clearing sites, this dozer stands ready to tackle the toughest tasks with power and precision. Shantui’s commitment to excellence shines through in this exceptional piece of construction machinery.

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