Safety and efficiency in focus – Xwatch and Sleator Plant partnership

Sleator Plant Ltd, a respected dealer for SANY UK & Ireland since 2019, has recently augmented its equipment offerings by acquiring five Xwatch SS1 systems. This addition highlights Sleator Plant’s commitment to promoting safety and efficiency on construction sites across Ireland.
The Xwatch SS1 system stands out for its user-friendly ‘self-install’ feature, so you don’t need specialised Xwatch engineers during setup.

To date, four of the SS1 systems have been successfully installed on two Sany excavators: the 21-tonne SY215C and the 15-tonne SY155U. Additionally, a future installation is planned for a 40-tonne Sany excavator currently on order with Sleator Plant. Gordon Mathers, a seasoned hydraulic engineer based in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, has skillfully completed these installations, demonstrating the ease and efficiency of integrating the SS1 system.

Brian McCartan, Sales Executive at Sleator Plant, recommended the Xwatch SS1 system to A G WILSON LIMITED Engineering, a civil engineering firm known for its extensive work with Scottish Water. This recommendation was made in response to the firm’s need for reliable height-limiting systems for their machinery, highlighting the SS1’s versatility and suitability for a range of hydraulic plants.

Jemma Dycer – Hopkins (IOSH) “We’re excited about teaming up with Sleator Plant to bring the Xwatch SS1 systems into the mix. Our SS1’s easy ‘do-it-yourself’ setup is a big hit, making it simpler for companies to get up and running without needing a specialist Xwatch engineer on hand. Seeing our systems go into Sleator’s Sany excavators, especially with Brian’s push to get them to A G Wilson, is fantastic. It’s all about making things safer and more straightforward for the people on the ground, and that’s something we’re proud to be a part of.”

The Xwatch SS1, along with the Sany machinery, comes with a generous five-year warranty. This system is designed as a straightforward angular motion limiter, perfect for applications where advanced features are unnecessary. Its simplicity, reliability, and built-in warning system ensure operational safety without compromising performance.

Sleator Plant proudly supplies the entire range of Sany excavators across Ireland, from the 1.6-ton to the 50-ton models, from their depot in Mallusk, Northern Ireland. With a new depot underway in North Dublin, Sleator Plant is set to further cement its position as a leading supplier of Sany excavators, renowned for their reliability and power, in Ireland.

Sany, one of the world’s largest machinery manufacturers, continues to make a significant impact globally. Sleator Plant’s partnership with #Sany, complemented by the addition of the #Xwatch SS1 systems, is a great example of their dedication to offering top-tier, safe, and efficient equipment solutions to their clientele.

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