The SV86-7 emerges as the leader in lifting capacity within its weight class, redefining
expectations for performance and efficiency. Meanwhile, the SV100-7 excels in
operational economy, featuring advanced fuel-saving technologies that significantly
reduce consumption – without compromising on power or productivity.

Yanmar Compact Equipment (Yanmar CE) has announced the launch of its latest midi
excavators, which together set new standards of compactness in the 8-10 tonne segment.
Amid global urban expansion, the units are especially designed to meet the dynamic needs
of our modern, congested landscape, combining compact dimensions with efficiency,
increased performance and operator-centric design enhancements. Get ready to roll out the
red carpet for the all-new the SV86-7 and SV100-7.

Evolving with the modern world
In an era where urban spaces are increasingly constrained, Yanmar CE has developed the
new models to excel within tight confines – without compromising on power or functionality.
Despite being in the larger weight class, the SV86-7 (8,675kg Operating Weight (OW)) and
SV100-7 (9.705kg OW) maintain a remarkably compact footprint. They feature a tight front
swing radius (2,120mm for the SV86-7 and 2.450 mm for the SV100-7) and minimal rear
turning radiuses (1,265mm for the SV86-7 and 1.365 mm for the SV100-7). Coupled with
minimal rear overhang (120mm and 205mm, respectively), this design ethos ensures they
are perfectly suited for work in limited spaces.

Power to the people
Powering through with unmatched efficiency, the SV86-7 offers the highest lifting capacity in its class. Attributed to its optimal weight distribution and minimal rear overhang, it boast
lifting capacities of 1.290kg (side) and 2.280kg (front). With the help of its excellent weight
distribution, the unit also exceeds the stability of others its weight class. “I like the stability of the SV86-7. You can really feel the tipping point which makes it easy to control and feel
safe.” So says Marco Schleich from Baggerbetrieb Schleich, Germany, who had the
opportunity to test the unit ahead of its official launch.

The SV86-7 now features a robust yet fuel-efficient 4TNV98CT turbo engine, capable of
delivering 50.8kW at 1,800rpm. This enhancement not only elevates earthwork and hill-climbing performance but also significantly cuts down on fuel consumption. The SV100-7
midi excavator is also powered by the 4TNV98CT engine, offering remarkable lifting
capabilities of 1.420kg (side) and 2.390kg (front).

A welcome addition to Yanmar’s ten-tonne class is the ViPPS2i system—a two-piston hydraulic pump designed to maximize performance and efficiency. The ViPPS2i system ensures both machines excel in a variety of construction tasks by boosting hydraulic efficiency and reducing fuel use.

Redefining operator comfort
Responding to direct customer feedback, the SV86-7 and the SV100-7 introduce a
completely redesigned exterior, merging modern aesthetics with dynamic functionality. In a
move to enhance operational visibility, the glass area has been significantly expanded all-round the cabins; complemented by standard right and rear-view cameras. Recognizing that operators in larger machines spend prolonged hours at the helm, the design of these midi excavators prioritises comfort; featuring a rectangular and more spacious cabin; and an automatic AC system. Additionally, a new 7-inch LCD colour display monitor in both models enhances operational efficiency and control, showcasing Yanmar CE’s dedication to user-friendly interfaces.
“I enjoyed the spacious feeling in the cab. It is modern, very quiet and comfortable,” shares Scott Neillands from SWN Plant, a UK-based operator and Yanmar CE client. Neillands similarly had the opportunity to experience the SV86-7 before its official debut.

Low noise level
Achieving low noise levels was a primary goal during the development of the SV86-7 and
SV100-7, especially considering the strict noise regulations in Yanmar’s homeland, Japan.
The company’s commitment to adhering to these stringent standards has resulted in
machines that not only meet but exceed expectations in global markets. The SV86 operates
at just over 93 decibels, while the SV100 maintains a low noise level at just below 97
decibels. Operators who have had the chance to trial the new models report a notably
pleasant and smooth noise quality, describing it as a “humming effect” that is easy on the
ears and less intrusive on the worksite. This lowered noise pollution enhances the working
environment for operators, while minimising acoustic impact on surrounding communities.

Versatile Applications
Now available globally through Yanmar CE’s extensive dealer network, the SV86-7 and
SV100-7 are suited for a wide range of applications where space comes at a premium, from
landscaping and earthworks to roadworks. Their compact dimensions and powerful
performance make them ideal for projects in confined spaces, such as road maintenance or
home building.
Yanmar CE’s understanding of the modern need for compact, efficient machinery is evident
in these models, which are designed to excel in any environments where every millimetre
counts. For more information about the SV86-7 and SV100-7, visit: Products|Compact Equipment|YANMAR

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