Knightsbrook Hotel | Trim, Co. Meath
Friday 1st December

Come and celebrate a great industry night out with friends and work colleagues at the stunning Knightsbrook Golf & Spa resort in Trim, Co. Meath on the 1st of December 2023. This year’s event will be well attended with a great nights entertainment lined up for our industry guests.

The Machinery Movers magazine Industry Awards is the ideal event to end a year of hard work by bringing together the industry and celebrating our combined achievements throughout the year.

How to enter the Machinery Movers Magazine 2023 awards

Firms can also be nominated for each relevant award. Email directly with your notice to enter into the awards.

The criteria for each award will be clearly set out and those entering the awards will be required to submit the material on time.

The Awards will be fair and independently judged by a panel put in place by Machinery Movers Magazine.

The entry process for some of the awards will vary, updates will be provided on a regular basis.

Entry process is now closed.

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1Sustainable Methods of Construction Award

This award will be for a company who can demonstrate limiting waste by reusing materials and therefore minimizing waste on a series of projects and it has become common place in the companies ethos. The company must show how the have controlled waste, the reuse of materials from old structures into new structures.

2Lifetime Achievement Award

This award will be presented to a person of outstanding lifetime contribution to the Irish construction sector. This person must have a proven track record of dedication to high standards in construction and the world about them.

3Plant Hire Company 2023

This award will be presented to a company with outstanding track record of service to the industry, A company that never lets it clients down and goes the extra mile everytime to provide a great customer service from equipment to back up service. Your customers must tell us why your firm is the best.

4Best Equipment Rental Firm 2023

Does your rental firm stand out amongst the crowd? This award will be presented to the rental firm who wants to win this award and can demonstrate they run the best Rental firm from the moment the clients calls or emails.

5Ireland’s Best Quarry 2023

This award will be presented to a Quarry with a strong emphasis on its responsibility on running a good clean quarry inside and out, Good modern Equipment, a committed workforce who enjoy working for the quarry company. The highest of safety standards are a must. We are particularly keen to hear about a commitment to training and development for employees.

6Plant Machinery Manager 2023

The Plant machinery manager is the engine of the business, his/her job is to ensure all plant machinery is at its peak performance. The winner of this award will have all the tools to hand to ensure they are a worthy winner.

7Best Civil Engineering Company 2023

A company that has the ability to prove its capabilities across multiple disciplines. Weather it is constructing a road or building a bridge we would like to hear how the winner who working in the modern age reduces its carbon footprint, produce projects on time and has a solid working relationship with its partners.

8Contract Crushing Contractor 2023

The award will go to the company who can demonstrate high standards of efficiency and productivity when it comes to producing aggregate. With a particular emphasis on staff safety and training we will want to understand how your company stands out above the rest.

9Demolition Company 2023

Can your company knock it down, do it with expertise and care and or in tight spaces? We want to hear how your firm works in a modern era, how you dispose of CDW and in particularly how your firm preps a site prior to demolition phase.

10Small & Medium Plant Hire Contractor

The country is packed full of small & medium plant hire firms. We want to hear from plant hire companies working in a ultra competitive space. We would like to hear about your commitment to your clients and what they say about your firm, how your firm has grown over the past few years and your outlook for the future.

11Utility Contractor Award 2023

Does your firm specialise in Utilities? Working in one of the most important sectors in Ireland we are keen to hear how your firm is working in the current climate and your companies ability to demonstrate its ability to work across various services from Wind, Water, Electricity, Gas and other crucial services.

12Haulage Company 2023

One of the most undervalued services in the construction game without the Haulage firms very little would get done. As the industry changes we want to hear how your firm is adapting to those changes. Does your firm have the ability to keep pace with the changes, run a modern efficient fleet and provide a top class service to your clients?

13Access Equipment Award 2023

One of the best performing sectors in Irish construction with sales at an all time high Access Equipment is in big demand. Does your firm provide a first class service every time, commitment to investment in the latest equipment to ensure your clients get the best products? Enter this award and let the industry know why your firm is the best access equipment company of 2023.

14Northern Ireland’s Best Civils & Plant Hire

Your firm maybe based in Northern Ireland however it does not matter where your firm is hired we want to hear how Northern Ireland’s best Civils & Plant Hire company is getting the job done. High standards in project delivery, a diverse range of works and a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.

15Technology & Innovation

How are your products changing the face of construction. As technology continues to change how construction is done we want to hear from Innovators are doing it. The winner of this award can be either the producer of the Tech or simply the user of the technology on the construction site.

16Best Tool & Equipment Hire 2023

Does your firm provide top quality customer service with your equipment in tip top shape?
Can your firm demonstrate why your company should be the winner of our Best Tool & Equipment Store 2023?
Enter now and tell us why

17Engineering & Manufacturing Award

This award is for the home grown manufacturer producing products for the construction & Quarrying sector. Ireland is full of excellent Engineering & Manufacturers, All options will be given serious consideration with the only criteria is that the products your firm produces is manufactured on the island of Ireland. This award will be hotly anticipated and your entry must be of the highest standard.

18Rail Contractor 2023

A new addition to our awards, the Best Rail Contractor Award will see one of Ireland’s hardest working contractors presented with an award for outstanding and extremely skilled type of work. Using specialist tools and attachments the Rail Contractor works mostly goes unnoticed however as the rail network across Ireland expands the Rail Contractor must be fully equipped with machinery and expertise to get the vital works done.

19Plant Fitter 2023

Are you person with the golden touch when it comes to spanners? Get Plant, Quarry equipment, engines ticking over and performing at their peak? Being a Plant Fitter that demonstrates a commitment to learning and constant development is something we want to hear about. Be ready to showcase your skills.

20Health, Safety & Training Standards 2023

Does your company make safety & well being of your employees its first priority? We are keen to hear about the practices that stand out. Firms that have a big emphasis on training, safety, development of H&S on the work site should enter this category.

21Groundworks Contractor

22Young Entrepreneur 2023

23Quarry Equipment Manufacturer 2023

Terms & Conditions

  • To participate in the Awards, companies can either self-nominate or be recommended by others.
  • All entries must be submitted by October 31, 2023, through the link on
  • After the initial submission, eligible firms will be shortlisted, and an evaluation process will ensue.
  • Strict adherence to the specified requirements during the evaluation is mandatory, with no exceptions.
  • Extensions can be requested by contacting 01 – 5134967 or emailing, this must be done before the final submission date on November 13, 2023.
  • Firms or their contractors facing legal issues related to employee law or illegal activities in Irish courts will be disqualified from the Awards process.
  • Confidentiality is maintained as entries from one firm are not shared with competitors.
  • The Awards process involves grading each element based on points, and the decisions of the judges and organizers are considered final.

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