MB Crusher BF135.8 is crushing limestones to build the road network of the New delta project.

Reclamation. Sustainability. Growth. These are all words linked to a new Egyptian agricultural project.

The magnitude of the infrastructure being built is a fraction when compared to the project achievements as the New Delta project is a well-known plan to boost agriculture production in Egypt.

The location.

Unique location close to the old delta, with a strong road network and close to ports. In the new delta, the climate is ‘’Mediterraneo’’ which is suitable for many types of crops, the development area is one million feddans. One feddan equals 4200 square meters or just over 5023 square yards, the area is huge and what will happen on the northwest coast of the Nile is pretty simple; this virgin land free from pollution will be reclaimed for agriculture as part of the “Mostaqbal Misr” (Future of Egypt) plan.

The infrastructure.

A fully-fledged, integrated system for mechanizing agriculture and irrigation,  9 power stations, a 200-km long internal power grid, a 500-km long main and subsidiary road network and a glorious water treatment plant. It is all set up to provide for the country and improve agricultural exportation to global markets.

The process.

Water means life. And to achieve a project of this scale the largest water treatment plantin the world was built, with a capacity of 7.5 million m3/day of water. However one of the only requirements of this job is: keeping to the schedule. So Al-Fanart Contracting company employed an MB Crusher jaw crusher bucket BF135.8 for their Doosan excavator to process the white limestone. The fixed crusher they were using simply could not match the production rate that they needed while the BF135.8 with its load capacity of 1.6 m3is the right tool for the job because it boosts productivity.

In an interview Mr Ibrahim Issa the company owner told us that using the mobile jaw crusher made by MB Crusher saved them time and money reducing the project cost by almost 40%.

For those wondering how a more compact unit could provide more productivity than the larger fixed crusher the answer is quite simple. By cutting costs and streamlining the entire process. The breakdown will be:

– savings in terms of labour, in this project for the road subbase production one excavator and one operator are needed, while over 12 people were needed with the fixed crusher unit.

-saving in transportation as the MB’S jaw crusher bucket can travel anywhere attached to the excavator

– saving time as the feeding process of the fixed crusher was eliminated, the stones ranging between 30 to 70cm are scooped up by the crusher bucket and immediately reduced down to 6cm. A size suitable to reuse rocks laying around to make the internal roads to facilitate the transportation of agricultural equipment and machinery

Mr Ibrahim Issa went from having a problem with insufficient productivity to solving it by simply adding one of the MB Crusher attachments, just one unit has changed the entire project timeline and he can now produce a sufficient amount to keep within the deadlines while saving 40% of the costs. His opinion about the BF135.8 is simple: is a highly efficient machine, in one word: ‘’AMAZING’’.

The outcome:

The New Delta is a huge achievement for the country which will lead to food security and urban expansion, we are glad to be part of it.

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