Engcon develops sorting grabs for new generation of tiltrotators and excavators


Engcon, the world-leading tiltrotator manufacturer, is modifying its stone and sorting grabs to meet the needs of a new generation of tiltrotators and excavators.

A series of adaptations will strengthen the grabs and improve their performance with excavators across a range of weight categories. The new grabs will be available in six different sizes suitable for excavators from 1.5 tonnes up to 33 tonnes.

Grab arms will be closer together, enabling tools to retain small items more securely. Grabs will also be pre-prepared for the installation of side plates, so a stone and sorting grab can quickly and easily be converted into a clamshell bucket.

As with Engcon’s existing grabs, the attachment points will be bolt-on and ready for the EC-Oil connector. All joints will be fitted with expander bolts to minimize play, cutters will be bolt-on for simple replacement and the grabs ready for mounting bucket teeth. 

The SG12 will be the first model in the new grab series for release, with a grab area of 0.34 m² and suitable for 6-12 tonne excavators. The new stone and sorting grab will be on show at Bauma 2019, with production due to begin in the summer of 2019.

“Since Engcon first launched its SK stone and sorting grabs fifteen years ago, the tools have become increasingly common due to the flexibility and adaptability they offer excavator-operators,” says Johan Johansson, design engineer at Engcon Group. “Tiltrotators have of course also developed during this time, with new weight categories and more powerful excavators. As well as strengthening the grabs, these adaptations will mean better performance and adaptability for a new generation of tiltrotators and excavators.”

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