ToolQuick, a Spanish benchmark in the small machinery and tools rental sector, has purchased the first Bobcat electric mini-excavator to be delivered in Spain. With this acquisition, ToolQuick has expanded its Zero Emission fleet, in line with its philosophy of offering the largest range of zero-emission electric machines on the market.

ToolQuick, winner of the award for best tool and small machinery rental company in Europe at the 2022 awards hosted by the European Rental Association (ERA), has worked closely with Bobcat Of, the official Bobcat distributor in Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia, to complete the purchase of the new Bobcat E10e, the world’s first one tonne battery-powered, zero emission mini-excavator.

“Our ‘eco-label’ machines, such as the Bobcat E10e mini-excavator, do not produce air-polluting CO2 emissions or gases,” says Jose L. Aliaga, CEO of ToolQuick. He adds: “We saw that this machine could provide us with differential advantages, as well as expand the rental services we provide to our clients with a 1000 kg machine.”

He continues: ”In ToolQuick’s strategic model, in addition to looking at our fleet, we take into account how to be more sustainable in our rental business and what our portfolio should have to help our customers. Therefore, the decision to purchase equipment is aligned with a commitment to improving the environment. In our decision to work with Bobcat, we valued the characteristics and differences of the machine compared to the competition, as well as continuing to bet on that market niche of companies that care about working with high-quality machines, with the best features and with a sensitivity to caring for the environment.”

Interior Demolition in the Food Sector, without Polluting Emissions

The Bobcat E10e mini-excavator is ideal for interior demolition work, in city centres and for night work. The new mini-excavator was recently used on work in a food factory in Alzira, and was hired from ToolQuick by Excavaciones Bou, a large company in the area, to carry out various demolition and maintenance tasks. As this was work inside and in the food sector, it was an essential requirement of the client, not to have any polluting emissions in the environment. Combined with the advantages offered by the compact size of the E10e, all efforts were made to minimise/remove any possible impacts or cross-contamination that could arise from the work.

Thanks to its width of only 71 cm, and its zero tail swing, the E10e was able to move and operate between the complex’s industrial machinery without any difficulty. Its dimensions also allowed the operator to work in very small spaces where other excavators cannot access and it is capable of replacing the manual work of collecting debris.

The Bobcat E10e has a state-of-the-art, maintenance-free lithium-ion battery pack with an advanced management system that allows it to operate for an entire working day. The battery can be recharged using the on-board charger connected to the standard 220 V mains.

The construction manager on site commented: “This was the first time we worked with an electric mini-excavator and in terms of power it is the same as working with a combustion engine machine with the same characteristics. It is silent and compact. Charging the batteries is easy – I connected it up during rest hours and at night, using the 220 V charger.”

Low Noise Levels for the Environment and for the Operator

In fact, the first ToolQuick client to rent the E10e mini-excavator carried out gardening and cleaning work in an area where they wanted to reduce noise to a minimum to avoid inconvenience and improve interactions with the neighbourhood, as well as work in line with project demands.

They point out that their green space is translated not only into their daily work with plants and gardens but also into the use of means and tools that help take care of the planet. In addition to meeting the conditions requested by the community, the use of this type of machine benefits everyone.

From the point of view of ToolQuick, the increase in demand for this type of machine is directly related to the number of clients who prioritize working for sustainability and who are following regulations requiring this action in their areas.

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