At Intermat 2024 in Paris, from 24th to 27th April, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) is excited to present its latest technology in construction machinery as a partner to accelerate change, emphasising, amongst other things, safety and efficiency on construction sites. One of the many highlights on the Hitachi stand is the Xwatch Leica Geosystems 3D Avoidance System on a ZX225USLC-7 2P excavator, demonstrating Hitachi’s commitment to advancing construction safety through innovation.

This partnership brings the Xwatch Leica Geosystems 3D System to Hitachi’s machinery, showcasing a direct application of cutting-edge safety assist technology in the company’s equipment range.

The Xwatch Leica 3D Collision Avoidance System is a pioneering safety assist solution developed through a partnership between Xwatch Safety Solutions and Leica Geosystems. Designed to enhance construction site safety and efficiency, the system offers:

  • Seamless Integration: Works with Leica MC1 software to create and import 3D avoidance zones, enabling precise navigation around critical areas.
  • Virtual Wall Functionality: Incorporates the XW5 system with height, slew, and Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) functions, acting as a protective barrier around machinery.
  • Automatic Movement Control: Automatically adjust an excavator’s movements (height, depth, slew) near avoidance zones, using proportional hydraulic control to prevent accidents.
  • Environmental Protection: Disables machinery movement in sensitive areas, safeguarding environmentally critical zones.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Improves manoeuvering accuracy and safety, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring project timelines and budgets are met.

This system represents a significant advancement in construction safety, combining technology and innovation to protect personnel, infrastructure, and the environment.

HCME’s stand at Intermat 2024 focuses on this groundbreaking safety assist technology and highlights the company’s range of equipment designed for sustainability and efficiency. Hitachi’s display covers the full spectrum of construction needs from the compact ZX26U-6 and ZX33U-6 mini excavators to the large ZX390TC-7 special application excavator and ZW310-7 wheel loader. Special attention is paid to electric models, the ZX55-6EB and ZE135-7EB, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly construction solutions.

By featuring the Xwatch Leica 3D Avoidance System on the ZX225USLC-7 2P excavator, Hitachi is demonstrating the potential of collaborative innovation in improving construction site safety and efficiency.

The Hitachi, Xwatch, and Leica Geosystems teams look forward to your visit to Intermat 2024 on stand number 6H039, where you can see firsthand how collaboratively we are contributing to safer, more efficient construction operations through advanced machinery and partnerships.

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