Komatsu has released details of an Operator Guidance Monitor intended for use on rigid dump trucks operating in quarry and mining jobsites.

Dash-mounted or hand-held, the digitally operated tool, which Komatsu describes as ‘revolutionary’, is designed to optimise the efficiency and reduce unit production costs. Its clear, easy-to-use program allows operators to set key performance indicators that can target and adjust operating parameters so trucks function in the most efficient way possible.

Enabling operators to control and optimise their work in real time, it helps raise and refine their skills resulting in higher fuel savings and productivity, and increased safety on the jobsite. In addition to KPI target-setting, a key back office benefit is its capacity to acquire remote reporting of production and event data from each machine for on-the-spot analysis.

Welcoming the new system for the benefit it will bring in dump truck fleet scenarios, Denis McGrath, sales director at McHale Plant Sale,  Komatsu distributors in Ireland, said: “it will allow customers to set parameters for each work cycle across multiple headings with data available for analysis in real time”.

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