Take control with Hitachi ZW-7 wheel loaders


Hitachi is proud to introduce its first Stage V-compliant wheel loader, the first model from its next generation. The ZW220-7 has been designed to put operators in complete control of their workspace, with industry-leading safety features and unrivalled comfort in the cab. Owners will feel in total control of their profit thanks to exceptional efficiency and maximum uptime, as well as their fleet and workload due to remote monitoring tools and services provided by Hitachi.



Feel the difference

Operators will benefit from the new ZW220-7 because it is the safest machine in the market, thanks to superb all-round visibility and intelligent systems. With the Aerial Angle camera system, operators have an exceptional 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the job site, while the rear obstacle detection and warning system alerts them immediately if anything is close to the rear of the machine.

After working a full shift in the spacious, fully redesigned cab, operators will feel less tired and more satisfied at their ability to work more productively. The ZW220-7 epitomises the ultimate in comfort, with some of the lowest noise and vibration levels in the market. It is especially easy to use thanks to features such as the improved seat with mounted electric pilot control leavers, new monitor controller and convenient side switch panel.


Improve profit and maximise uptime

Owners will be able to increase their profits due to the impressive fuel economy and efficiency of the ZW220-7. Faster and more efficient short loading operations due to the approach speed control feature further satisfy owners’ requirements. The new ZW-7 model also loads trucks more accurately, saving time and money, using the payload monitoring system. In addition, operators can monitor the fuel consumption thanks to the new ECO gauge and performance can be improved with several adjustable functions.

An ultra-reliable performance to significantly boost uptime is possible because the ZW220-7 is built with more durable components, intelligent prevention systems and easy maintenance features. This can be further maximised by the use of high-quality Hitachi buckets, customised to suit the application, and robust ground engaging tools that are easy to install and replace.

Total control and support

To support owners and operators throughout the life cycle of the new ZW-7 wheel loaders, Hitachi provides a wide range of after-sales services, and access to vital data and tools so they can manage their machine effectively. These include remote monitoring systems, Owner’s Site and ConSite (part of Global e-Service), and the ConSite Pocket app, which help to monitor performance, track location and plan maintenance.

“Many years of extensive research have contributed to the development of the ZW-7 range to ensure that it meets the specific demands of European customers, from small business owners to large fleet contractors,” says Bill Drougkas, Wheel Loader Product Manager of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV.

“As a result, we believe it offers a superior experience in the cab and exceeds expectations in terms of efficiency and performance. By working in partnership with our customers – providing industry-leading equipment, innovative technology and wide-ranging after-sales support – we can help them to create their vision.”

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