The demand for EC-Oil has grown markedly


Being able to connect a tiltrotator or other hydraulic tools without having to step out of the cab continues to gain in popularity. Engcon’s statistics show that demand for the automatic quick hitch system with EC-Oil is increasing year on year.

From 2019 – 2020, sales of Engcon’s automatic quick hitch with EC-Oil have increased globally by 76 percent, which indicates the combination is in demand worldwide.

The excavator industry continues to advance and develop, automatically connecting and disconnecting tiltrotators or other hydraulic tools without having to leave the cab has become far more common. Interest in EC-Oil has increased considerably. Figures from the past two years show that sales of Engcon’s quick hitch with EC-Oil under the tiltrotator have increased as much as 76 percent globally. More and more excavator contractors are also choosing EC-Oil on the top of the tiltrotator, enabling to connect or disconnect it without having to leave the cab. Equivalent growth has also taken place for Engcon’s machine hitch with EC-Oil, where sales have increased significantly over the period 2019 to 2021.

”The figures speak for themselves. More and more people are realising the benefit of being able to quickly connect or disconnect their tiltrotator or other hydraulic tools without having to leave the cab. They also do not have to bother with pressurised and dirty manual couplings”, says Martin Engström, product manager at Engcon.

Martin Engström says that interest in EC-Oil in combination with Engcon’s hydraulic tools is growing around the world.

”It’s incredibly gratifying to see these results because we know that this overall contributes to increased profitability plus comfort and safety”.

Great potential in North America
One of the customers outside the Nordic region who has realised the value of the tiltrotator combined with EC-Oil is Shamrock Earthworks Ltd. in Calgary, Canada, run by Sean Coghlan. Since 2017, his excavators have been equipped with a machine hitch and tiltrotator from Engcon.

“With Engcon’s tiltrotator, it does not matter what position the machine is in; now I can easily rotate and tilt the stones into any position. You could say that the tiltrotator is the excavator’s wrist,” says Sean Coghlan.

Early on, Sean equipped his tiltrotator with the automatic quick hitch system EC-Oil, which allows him to connect and disconnect hydraulic tools without leaving the cab. In addition to the fact that it is easy to switch between hydraulic grippers, pallet forks, sweeper rollers, buckets, etc. under the tiltrotator, it is just as easy to disconnect the tiltrotator itself from the excavator.

”Thanks to EC-Oil, I can disconnect the tiltrotator in a few seconds and connect the bucket or other tool directly to the machine hitch. In this way, I increase the breakout force and save the weight for those times I do not need the tiltrotator in my work. It makes my excavator more efficient, and I save both fuel and time. In addition to time and efficiency, it is also very convenient to be able to connect hydraulic tools without having to leave the cab and get dirty”, says Sean Coghlan.

Since 2020, EC-Oil has been included at no extra cost in the simultaneous purchase of Engcon’s machine hitch, tiltrotator and control system.

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