Lohan Environmental is a new venture run by a team with experience in dealing with wastewater. Based in Drogheda, the company is offering equipment that can remove everything from concrete to oil from water on site.

It goes without saying that many industries took a knock during the Covid lockdowns, with hospitality businesses like hotels and restaurants among the hardest hit. Bryan Lohan and his company specialise in selling and emptying grease traps – devices that catch and store grease from the wastewater produced in commercial kitchens and food processing facilities.

When this work slowed down during Covid, the Drogheda-based company decided to take their knowledge of wastewater treatment and apply it to the construction industry. Trading as Lohan Environmental, Bryan and the team are now the Irish supplier of Kelly Tanks products.

The washing and water treatment products on offer for hire or sale include concrete washout boxes, portable water treatment systems, and adsorption sack frames. Any equipment purchased can be ordered to the customer’s exact spec and in their company colours.

The treatment trade

A civil engineer by trade, Bryan had seen for himself the need for proper methods of washing concrete trucks and disposing of the resulting waste. He explains the benefit of using the Kelly Tanks products on site.

“You are not discharging untreated water into the watercourse, be it concrete wastewater or untreated surface water from the site – which could be contaminated with silt, or with oil or diesel”, he says. After initially becoming interested in the concrete washout boxes, Bryan noticed that another one of the Kelly products was already quite familiar to him.

“The portable wastewater treatment plants are very similar to the grease traps that we sell, so I had an understanding of them already”, he says. Lohan Environmental have just begun to offer these products, but they have received a number of enquiries already and the first water treatment system is due to go out on site soon. The job is a contaminated soil dig, and the run-off water from the site will pass through the treatment system, allowing the solids to be separated and clean water to be produced on the other side.

A concrete solution

The Concrete Washout System (CWS) is designed for washing the tailings out of concrete mixer trucks. It is ideal for concrete contractors who are pouring a lot of concrete in an urban area or an area which is ecologically sensitive. Once the tanks of the CWS have been filled with water, its internal pump can be used to hose down the lorry.

An adsorption sack secured in the CWS catches the solids, while the water passes through. The sack can hold up to 50 washes’ worth of material. A submersible pump then moves the water back to the tank so that it can be reused for washing down the next truck. Alternatively, it can be pH treated for discharge to the ground. A 110V supply is required to power the unit.

Not settling for less

The Water Treatment System (WTS) is for dealing with large amounts of onsite water which contains suspended solids and hydrocarbons. These systems are designed to service 2-to-6-inch water pumps and by the use of lamella coalescing media they can provide a large settling area of many types of suspended solids.

Silt and solids are collected in the tank and can be emptied out via a bottom dump valve. There are also oil skimmer and hydrocarbon filter pad options for contaminated water.

“The water treatment system is more advanced than your traditional settlement tank. It has a much lower floor and has a higher output”, says Bryan. The treatment system is simple to set up, and no power supply is needed for it to work. Four sizes are available, offering flow rates from 15 m3 up to 60 m3 per hour.

In the frame

Another item available from Lohan Environmental is the Adsorption Sack and Frame (ASF). This is an incredibly versatile piece of kit which can be used as a quick and easy solution for dealing with concrete washout, trench dewatering, site dewatering and drilling water, to name but a few applications.

It uses the same type of adsorption sack as the concrete washout system, which traps solids and contaminants as the water passes through it. The frame allows drained water to be pumped to a discharge point or reintroduced back into a water treatment system.

Contact Byran on 085-8563873 or email: info@lohanenvironmental.ie

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