Efficient Material Transport for Every Area of Application


The new wheel loaders WL110 and WL34 from Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson offers the right wheel loader for any type of application, from the emission-free electric wheel loader in the 2-metric ton class to the all-rounder WL34 and up to the 10-metric ton class. The largest model WL110 and the wheel loader WL34 have been available since April.

Wheel loaders are an indispensable part of many fleets and are true multi-talents in a wide variety of application areas such as, for example, gardening and landscaping and municipalities. For all application cases, Wacker Neuson has the right solution, now with 14 different wheel loader models, from two to eleven metric tons operating weight.

WL110 – for heavy material handling

Higher, faster, stronger. The wheel loader WL110 is ideally suited for heavy material handling. This is ensured by a combination of a powerful 156 HP engine and a large hydraulic pump (180 l/min). With the heavyweight by Wacker Neuson – with a tipping load of up to 7.7 metric tons and a bucket capacity of 1.8 cubic meters – companies are raising their productivity. For example, for material handling in building and civil engineering, municipalities, or gravel plants, where gravel breakers must be loaded with large amounts of heavy gravel, the operators benefit from the higher tractive forces and travel speeds of the machine, which the innovative transmission ecospeedPRO, a variable hydrostatic high-speed transmission, makes possible. The powerful wheel loader WL110 is additionally equipped with an articulated joint and an oscillating axle in the rear, which make it on the one hand maneuverable and compact, and on the other guarantees optimal traction, for example in gravel plants.

All-round visibility and comfort cabin for increased efficiency

For an even safer and more efficient working principle during material transport, the large cabin of the WL110 ensures that: The operator always has the optimal view of the attachment and its surroundings, which for one makes working safer, and additionally results in time and cost savings. Also, the ergonomic comfort cabin offers the operator plenty of legroom, a practical layout of operator’s controls and a comfortable operator’s seat. The digital 7” display gives him the most important information at a glance: Besides the standard displays, the active functions are also displayed in the cockpit, for example the electric functions that are switched on. The “Jog Dial” control element enables the operator to carry out sensitive work while saving resources. When necessary, Jog Dial can be used to manually set the flow rate of the hydraulic oil and track it on the display. This way, every attachment can be operated with the individually required amount of hydraulic oil, which ensures increased efficiency and protects the attachments from overloading.

Time-tested and proven all-rounder with higher performance

With the new model of the time-tested and proven wheel loader WL34, Wacker Neuson offers an even more performance-efficient all-rounder suitable for a wide range of transport work. With the update of the machine, the wheel loader can be used even more productively: The increased tipping load of up to three metric tons makes the wheel loader particularly sturdy and the work thus even safer. Customers simultaneously benefit from the increased performance along with the usual compact dimensions: For example, the new model also has a clearance height of under 2.2 meters (with a low operator’s canopy), which also makes it ideal for applications indoors or in industrial buildings, garages, road and highway construction, and gardening and landscaping. In addition, the wheel loader is equipped as standard with a spacious comfort cabin, ensuring fatigue-free work. Companies also benefit from short and efficient maintenance times due to the practically arranged service accesses.

More information at: www.wackerneuson.com/wheelloaders

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