Merlo launches new ‘more powerful, more versatile’ telehandler


Construction contractors will be high on the list of targets when a new, more powerful, more versatile Merlo Turbofarmer model TF35.11 TT-145 telehandler makes its appearance on the Irish market early next year.

Included for the first time are hydraulically-powered stabilisers or ‘outriggers’ that extend its versatility in construction and other applications by increasing stability for those working on aerial building repairs or conducting overhead maintenance on high vehicles.

An additional feature will be its ability to carry a work basket for servicing overhead lights, conducting inspections in high and inaccessible areas, and when carrying out overhead maintenance on tall buildings, roof structures and high-rise machinery.

Distributed by McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill and Rathcoole, the new unit is equipped with a more muscular105 kW/143 hp engine with a road speed of 40 km/h, it has a lifting capacity of up to 3,500 kg to a maximum height of 11 metres, and the power to tow up to 24 tons weight.

Commenting, McHale Plant Sales general manager, Denis McGrath said: “By virtue of its capacity to handle a broad range of attachments such as forks, bucket, crane hoist and aerial work baskets – and stabilised to ensure maximum stability when using an aerial work platform – the new TF35.11 TT-145 unit combines the functionality of a conventional load carrier and bulk materials handler with those of an aerial work station when carrying out buildings maintenance works with personnel at height.”

Described by him as ‘quite a beast’, its much more powerful engine at 143hp is said by McGrath to “contrast favourably with a standard construction machine in the 75-105hp range”.

Amongst its numerous features are load sensing and stability control functions that enable operators to guard against the risk of frontal tipping when fully loaded. Others include precise and powerful hydraulics with load sensing and flow sharing technology, telescopic boom side-shift for precise load positioning, and EPD transmission that, Merlo claims, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 18 percent.

Its optional features include one that regulates and delivers a constant flow of oil to implements.

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