Rolling implementation of the Genie® Lift connect telematics programme now complete


Completing the rolling implementation of its Genie® Lift ConnectTM telematics solution, all Genie GSTM scissor lifts, Z®- and S®-boom lifts and GTHTM telehandlers are now delivered to most European and UAE countries with a free, 3-year subscription to the Genie Lift Connect telematics solution. To activate their Genie Lift Connect telematics account, customers need to open their welcome email and sign in to the programme.

“Genie always aims to develop innovations with a purpose, including technology solutions that are simple and easy to use. With this in mind, now that our Genie Lift Connect telematics programme is provided as standard, all shipments of Genie GS scissor lifts, Z- and S-boom, and GTH telehandlers will be followed by credentials sent via email. All customers will need to do to activate their account is to click on the links within the email to sign in to begin benefitting from machine data transparency with actionable information immediately,” says Christine Zeznick, Genie Director of Product and Business Development for Telematics, Terex AWP.

Zeznick adds: “No matter what the size of their aerial equipment fleet, data gained through telematics can help fleet owners to understand the health of their fleet, to enhance inventory management, as well to reduce operating costs.”

Telematics hardware and a 3-year subscription for Genie GRTM and QSTM vertical masts, TZTM trailer-mounted booms, as well as for Terex® and Genie branded light towers, can be purchased as an option.

Zeznick says: “With flexibility in mind, the Genie Lift Connect telematics subscription includes the ability to consume the data through the Genie Lift Connect portal and/or the standard ISO API (ISO15143-3), enabling our customers to choose the solution that provides them the 1/2 best user experience with actionable information to help increase rental return on invested capital (rROIC).”

Designed to provide customers the ability to share more information than other offerings available in the industry, the Genie Lift Connect telematics solution focuses on allowing fleet and service managers to take action through a variety of alerts and dashboards, helping not only to promote best practices by understanding machine utilization, but also to manage their fleets more efficiently by remotely diagnosing equipment and planning preventive maintenance to minimize downtime and costly service visits.

For more information about the Genie Lift Connect telematics programme, visit:

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