RSA Halts Tractor Guidelines


In recent developments, Brian Coogan, CEO of the IPCA, extends gratitude to Michael Fitzmaurice TD for his support in liaising with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and Department of Transport.

They are to announce that the proposed guidelines concerning tractors have been temporarily suspended. Both the RSA and Department of Transport have committed to engaging in consultations with the IPCA before enacting any new regulations regarding the use of tractors on construction sites.

At IPCA, their dedication lies in collaborating with the RSA and pertinent agencies to devise practical and effective solutions for tractor usage in construction. While prioritising safety, they acknowledge the RSA and HSA’s shared goal of ensuring safety standards.

Nonetheless, implementing new rules unilaterally, without consultation, isn’t the optimal approach.

The IPCA eagerly anticipate further collaboration with Michael Fitzmaurice TD and the RSA to guarantee the safe and efficient utilisation of tractors in construction. Below is the recent statement issued by the Road Safety Authority:

“The RSA has been informed about the EU’s Fourth Driving Licence Directive, proposing a revised definition of tractors in September 2024. Following the directive’s publication, both the RSA and Department of Transport will engage in consultations with stakeholders before introducing any relevant domestic regulations. Until the new EU Driving Licence Directive is approved/enacted, the current approach to tractor licensing will remain unchanged. The RSA website has been updated to reflect this.”

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