In 2022, Terex acquired ZenRobotics, the first company to apply AI-based robots to waste sorting.

ZenRobotics have been serving front-running recycling companies since 2007, using AI to automate waste sorting and make outdated, inefficient and unsafe manual sorting a thing of the past with safe sorting robots.

ZenRobotics has the right robot for every sorting need. The Heavy Picker for bulky waste like C&D, the Fast Picker for light packaging waste and a highly intelligent industrial AI with more than a decade of experience from recognising and sorting high quality recyclables from around the world.

How to robotize your waste sorting?

Your operations stand to benefit from AI-based sorting, whatever your starting point.

Whether you want to modernise your existing facility with smart robots or invest in a new, fully automated recycling plant, we have you covered. Here are three options for how you can robotize and automate your waste operations:

  • Standalone Solution:

Fully automated and independent waste sorting station

  • Retrofitted Solution:

Integrate waste sorting robots into your existing facility

  • Greenfield Solution:

Design a new large-scale facility around smart robotics

Why Robotize?

AI-powered robots replace inefficient, costly and potentially dangerous manual processes, making sure valuable recyclables aren’t wasted, and minimising risk to your workforce. It will look a little different with each operator, but these are the underlying reasons why more and more operators are automating their waste sorting processes.

Smart waste sorting robots are the most efficient way to pick desired materials out of your waste streams and they require minimal human involvement. Higher automation means lower costs and risks related to using manual sorting, as well as less facility downtime. Today’s best-performing MRFs are data and robotics driven or to say it better, ZenRobotics-driven.

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