Kobelco excavators to be equipped with Engcon tiltrotators and auto-tilt

The Kobelco SK210 excavator with Engcon tiltrotator and autotilt
The Kobelco SK210 excavator with Engcon tiltrotator and autotilt

Kobelco Construction Machinery in partnership with Leica Geosystems and world-leading tiltrotators manufacturer Engcon, has developed a unique automatic height and tilt function for its excavators. Kobelco, one of the world’s largest excavator manufacturers, has announced it will begin selling its SK200/SK210-10 excavator in the spring, with Leica and Engcon’s tiltrotator digging system as standard. This combination will make digging more accurate, more efficient, safer and profitable.

Working with Engcon and Leica, Japanese excavator manufacturer Kobelco has developed a unique feature that allows an automatic tilt function for Engcon’s tiltrotator, in combination with automatic dipper, boom and bucket function. This means the excavator and ICT system automatically provide the right height and tilt to the bucket – something that dramatically increases the efficiency of Kobelco’s excavators.

“We are incredibly proud and happy to have participated in this project with Kobelco and Leica Geosystems. I’m sure this is the beginning of something bigger in the industry,” says Krister Blomgren, CEO of Engcon Holding, who was in Japan for the announcement.

Robert Hunt, Managing Director of Engcon UK, adds: “Engcon is the world leader in the manufacture of tiltrotators and excavator control systems. Kobelco’s partnership and manufacturing decision is a very clear sign that tiltrotators are continuing to develop as the must-have component of any successful digging solution.”

The Kobelco SK200/SK210-10 will be the first model to be manufactured with this new ICT system andwill be shipping in Japan late 2018, and early 2019 in rest of the world.

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